View Full Version : Advise On A Mamiya RB67 pro-s

26-07-2009, 4:50pm
A older friend who cant use the internet has asked me to check the prices of his camera.

I am not selling it and will not get into any bidding as it is against the Forum policy, I just want your expertise in giving him a rough price thanks .

The Camera is : Mamiya RB 67 Pro-S
Mamiya 250mm F/4.5 & 90mm f/3.5
2x Tele Converter
2x 120mm backs
1x bigger back (I cant remember):confused013

Thanks Pete

26-07-2009, 8:29pm
not sure Prang, that mamiya stuff goes pretty cheap (expcept the 7II unfortunately). eBay is your friend here.

JM Tran
26-07-2009, 8:35pm
to give u a rough est.

We used to stock a few in store 2nd hand with a single 120 back + metering prism + the standard lens - 80 or 75mm I cant remember

they go for around $450-$500 depending on condition and what else comes with it, and those prices are consignment cameras.

27-07-2009, 3:56pm
Kayell QLD has LOTS of lenses and gear for this camera. They are even selling a 'worn' kit for $270. I see them on ebay all the time going for around $600-800. I think there are so many on the grey market because the thing is a house. Its huge.

I like its little brother the 645 :p

27-07-2009, 8:35pm
Thanks All I will pass it on to him.

Thanks again Pete