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19-07-2009, 7:10am
If I buy a single user license software package for my mac .. can i install it on my macbook as well ??

Just want to be sure what "single" means before I buy it .. Cheers guys :)

19-07-2009, 7:53am
I think it depends on the software. Adobe licences allow you to install their software on two machines, as long as you are not using both copies at the same time. So you could have one on your main PC and one on your laptop, just not have both running and using PS at the same time.

19-07-2009, 8:10am
mmm .. yea i know Aperture can be installed on up to 4 machines ..

Im looking at buying Roxio Toast Titanium ... ill have a read on the Roxio site and see what i can find.

19-07-2009, 11:05am
Darren your such a little worry wart - you'll have to buy the program to see the license. I've looked at the installed program (electronic downloaded) and documentation and there is no license documentation remaining that I can see but it says its licensed to me. When I installed the program its just one of those tick the box and get things going - who ever reads them?

Ive also looked at the Roxio site and it says look at the license supplied with the software.

I also tried going through the install procedure actually up until you shift the program across to the Applications folder - which I won't do as that may create errors and I don't want to do an uninstall either.

I'm out of options. - You may just have to email Roxio - or download and install and try using in the 2nd machine. If it rejects your registration then you know you need a second license. Frankly there really is no other good burning software out there for Mac so what are your choices in this matter?

19-07-2009, 11:15am
thanks for the effort Mark .. much appreciated. Im not worried about any kinda license breach, believe me ive done dodgier things in my life .. :D ... I just wanted to try and establish if it was literally possible to install the program on 2 machines ..

In the end it wont stop me buying it Id just like to be able to use it at home and on the road if possible ..

thanks again mate .. :th3:

19-07-2009, 11:32am
I'm fairly certain that a lack of registration wont stop you using the software, I don't think its mandatory - once you have the key number issued by roxio its good to go - Roxio dont send back an authorisation to initialise the system like say Windows or Adobe.

19-07-2009, 11:43am
Ahhh thats good then ... Side note, i just found a copy on ebay for $75 but when i checked this douche bags feedback, hes got 4 negatives in the last month for selling pirate copies of this very program ... the old motto rings true yet again, if it seems too good to be true it usually is :rolleyes: