View Full Version : image stacking

02-07-2009, 1:13pm
not sure if this should go in macro or here. Been trying out image stacking, using helicon focus. Took some flowers using 30 shots. I found it doesn't work tho when the flower has bits sticking out. ie it's not a smooth transition from one side to another, but pics of the stamen side on so that you have huge variations of depth.

Is it just impossible to do this?

02-07-2009, 1:58pm
not at all... admittedly i dont use helcion, i use combine zm which to me works very well. the trick is to take pics that overlap in focus to get a smooth transition :)

02-07-2009, 2:17pm
here is one of them, see there are areas that are never in focus I suspect due to the range, so it can't fix them? I don't mean the halos, but where one stalk is in front of another, that overlapping area