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Geordie Fat Bastard
18-06-2009, 7:13pm
Hey folks,
Just wanted to let you know (as if you didn’t already know), is an issue I found with my Canon 400D.
Remember I’m green around the photography gills folks…
A week or so ago I was lucky enough to get my hands on a cheap but good quality studio strobe flash, with umbrella, that’s the only flash I have apart from the one on the canon built in. With this new fancy flash comes a trigger lead that goes to the Camera, except with the 400d it does not have a trigger socket for the lead to go directly into.

So I thought to myself, I'll speak to the chap at the local camera shop ( Canon Supplier BTW) to see about a hot shoe adaptor that will fit on the Canon and in turn let me connect the trigger lead for the flash. Ok I informed the chap in the store of what I had and in turn he gives me a $25 hot shoe adaptor in order to plug the lead into. I was pleased as punch and could not wait to get home and set up something to have a experiment with...

Upon arriving home I set everything up, plugged the flash lead into the hot shoe adaptor, and noting, zilch, nada, nawt, bugger all....
I thought there was something wrong with the flash but all looked good and so I tested the camera and that worked alright but still no joy. I googled it and found that this type of generic hot shoe adaptor for cameras does not do the job due to the high voltage that comes from the flash, in fact it ‘can damage your camera’, it stated on the web. My bloody heart sank and I treble checked the camera and it looks ok but I’m still worried that it might be goosed.

So I went in search of the correct hot shoe adaptor and guess what I cant get one for between 2 -6 weeks almost anywhere
So I have sent off to Hong Kong for a wireless remote trigger in the hope that it works and a dam site cheaper that the shops...

So I've not been able to have a muck about since I got my flash... gutted and have to wait a couple of weeks for Hong Kong dudes to send the thing from E-bay.
Did you know about the hot shoe specific issue, cos the bloody guy in the Canon shop sold me a dud.

Geordie Fat Bastard.

18-06-2009, 7:22pm
Oh bugga Geordie!! It won't take that long to get it from hong kong. I just got a remote for my camera ( 1000D Canon) and it only took 7 days to get here :D

18-06-2009, 8:05pm
This is one of the hazards of dealing with retail staff. 99% of staff whether they are employed in a photographics shop, an electronics store like Dick Smith or even a hardware shop like Bunnings only receive a very basic instruction in how to sell goods to the idiot consumer. They do not get any form of instruction/training in what they actually sell.

Yes this can lead to damage to your camera or what ever you are purchasing for, but unless you can actually prove negligence on the part of the sales person, you probably wont have a leg to stand on. Of course the trade practices act will allow you a refund under goods not being fit for purpose, but the act doesn't really cover damages which is generally done under common law albeit the small laims tribunal.

From my own experience I have always tended to use Nikon gear with Nikon, or sought professional advice from stores such as Fletcher's Photographics when they had an industrial section, staff by people who actually did know what they were taking about. Alas though Fletchers seem to have gone or at least the industrial section has as the Pitt street shop is now a Ted's - yuk. Other alternatives are google, professional camera sites like Moose Petersen, Thom Hogan etc (these are of course Nikon related - I use Nikon) or Digital Review or even this site. Know though that this site whilst good is not really into studio style work and therefore wont have a large knowledge base on the subject.

Geordie Fat Bastard
19-06-2009, 6:46pm
Cheers Guys and thanks for the advice Mark, I think going to the pro's is the best bet. Cheers and thanks for replying to the post.

18-07-2010, 7:18pm
toon armyyyyy