View Full Version : Velbon El Carmagne/Sherpa Pro CF-640 Tripod

13-06-2009, 2:15pm
I've always thought Velbon to be a cheap and nasty brand for tripods compared to Manfrottos and Gitzos. But very pleasantly surprised with this tripod.

I purchased this to replace my lost Manfrotto 055ProbX and after testing it today i found it to be as firm/steady as the 055 with the center column up. I even deliberately put my 5d2 + 70-200 on the tripod without the lens collar so its front heavy and mounted on the body only. I pushed the tip of the lens down and I was pleased that it didnt wobble at all!

The center column also can be reversed and legs can be locked in 3 different positions for those macro setups.

The thing about the center column is that you can break it in half and save even more weight by taking only the head end and save around 200-300g? :rolleyes:

Only negative about this is that unlike the ProbX models. There is not horizontal option for the center column.

Ultra Light
Cheap compared to the top brands
No slippage with Flip lock legs
Leg markings
CF construction

No horizontal center column


Total Length approx 40cms
Weight: 1.32kgs :eek:
Max height: approx 170cm with center column up:
Max load: Big Cameras 5-6kgs


13-06-2009, 2:28pm
Looks & sounds good.
Another plus is Velbon come with their own bag
which can be handy too.

Paul G
13-06-2009, 3:47pm
If I'm allowed to ask, how do they compare to the 055 for $ ?

13-06-2009, 4:29pm
Its approx $200 less then the Manfrotto 055CXPRO4

13-06-2009, 6:02pm
Nice one ....just curious if this one comes with a GPS chip? :D

13-06-2009, 6:26pm
Even better then that. I found a device called a S.T.R.A.P..... :D

Nice one ....just curious if this one comes with a GPS chip? :D

20-06-2009, 11:42am
Looks the ticket....I do believe manfrotto is over rated and over priced, my now little used Velbon Sherpa 450R served me well at a fraction of the price of a similar manfrotto unit.

The horizontal bar is handy maybe on the manfrotto, but I've only ever had a need for it once ...can live without. Velbon tripods = good value for money.