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13-05-2009, 2:59pm

Was browsing YouTube a little while ago and found a complete post processing workflow (http://www.metavophoto.com/blog/professional-post-processing-workflow/), and made a blog post about it. He shows how to take an image straight from Adobe Camera RAW, all the way to the final steps to prepare it for printing. The set of videos is broken into 16 parts (after the introduction):
Camera RAW part 1 - Introduction Adobe Camera RAW, and explanation of the basic tabs (especially “Detail”)
Camera RAW part 2 - More about Camera RAW, including the “Basic” and “Tone Curve” tabs
Workspace Setup - A bit about how to effectively set up your workspace with the tools & palettes you need
Liquify Filter - Shows how to make small cosmetic changes to parts of the body with the liquify filter
Cloning & Healing - Outlines basic uses of the healing and cloning tools to correct minor blemishes/spots in an image
Shadows & Highlights - How to enhance the shadows & highlights of the image with the Shadows/Highlights tool
Contrast with Unsharp Mask - A rarely mentioned use of adding realistic contrast to an image with Unsharp Mask based on the surounding pixels
Dodging and Burning (http://www.metavophoto.com/blog/7-photoshop-dodge-burn-tool-video-tutorials/) - Explores some of the basic uses of the dodge & burn tools (i.e. accentuate hair, enhance eyes (http://www.metavophoto.com/blog/enhance-eyes-photoshop/), etc.) in a non-destructive way
Levels - Color correction using a levels adjustment layer, with a detailed explanation of how levels work
Curves - Adding contrast with a curves adjustment layer, while paying close attention to the histogram
Hue & Saturation - Correcting minor color issues, and enhancing the saturation & vibrance of your image’s colors to make them pop
Local Adjustment Layers - How to make targetted adjustments to an image to improve its presentation
Adding a Vignette - A simple method to add a subtle, effective vignette to your photo
Reducing Noise & Sharpening - Using some of Photoshop’s filters to make your image cleaner
Enhancing with Noise (yes, adding noise after removing the original noise) - Adding a bit of texture to your image with a subtle layer or two of noise
Preparing for Printing - A short explanation of steps to go through before sending the image to a printerI learned a ton and figured it might help others out there. Be sure to check out the other videos on their site as well.

http://www.metavophoto.com/blog/prof...sing-workflow/ (http://www.metavophoto.com/blog/professional-post-processing-workflow/)

13-05-2009, 3:25pm
Nice on Darren, Thanks for the heads up...it will be appart of my to do list for this weekend. :D

13-05-2009, 3:42pm
That sounds really good, I might have to check it out.


13-05-2009, 3:56pm
Thought I knew most of it...you always learn more! Thanks for this, it is now bookmarked.

04-11-2009, 12:03am
Thanks a ton for linking to my blog. I'm glad you found it so helpful. I know I found those videos extremely interesting and useful.

If you or anyone else have anything you'd like to learn about, please let me know, and I'll try to write a post about it. I really enjoy writing about what my readers want to learn about.

In the mean time, feel free to check out my latest post on Skin Smoothing in Photoshop (http://www.metavophoto.com/blog/skin-smoothing-in-photoshop/)

04-11-2009, 8:32am
Thanks for that. And welcome to the forum rushnp774 ( it's ridiculous to call you that - you do have a name?)

04-11-2009, 10:54am
Thanks for that. And welcome to the forum rushnp774 ( it's ridiculous to call you that - you do have a name?)

Heh, you're welcome. And yes, my name is Kyle. I should probably put that in my signature or something shouldn't I?

25-12-2009, 12:06pm
Thankyou for the link . Very helpful

25-12-2009, 7:03pm
Glad you found it helpful! It really helped me start to find a workflow that worked for me. Granted, I think it's a bit excessive to do that whole 16-step process for every photo, but it's nice to see all the potential steps you can do.

25-12-2009, 7:11pm
Thanks Darren & Kyle, both bookmarked.

02-04-2010, 10:52pm
thanx for the link it helps me a lot as a beginner in this photo editing things

03-06-2010, 12:47pm
Thanks, however I have used ACR for sometime now and have never been able to get good skintones from my canon 40D and 20D and have had to revert back to the canon software DPP to get the right colours for people pics. The problem of course is to do with the built in profiles which cannot match Canons original. I have downloaded other sets which improved it but still no match. I realise that the only way is to create some custom profiles however the colour chart needed is quite expensive. Does anyone have custom profiles for ACR and canon? or know where I can get them? Although I can use DPP I much prefer bridge and ACR.
Anyone else have this issue?