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27-04-2009, 8:01pm
Members of the AWMMC wanted a group shot with them all wearing their orange t shirts at round1 of the MX Nationals.

Of all the shots that I took these were the ones that totally blew. They were ALL in orange shirts, standing in front of the corrugated cover where riders gather & the morning sun over my shoulder. All shots taken before & after these groups shots were spot on. I'm putting it down to the orange, glare off the tin etc , sensor just couldn't cope.

If anybody would like to have a play see if they can bring it up to @ least respectable would be greatly appreciated. I'm really struggling with it.

Here is what it looks like. If anyone wants a crack at it just pm or email will send original psd file.

Took these shots using S5Pro & completely cheating threw it on Auto, as I didn't want to be fumbling my way through settings on a camera & menu I don't really spend that much time with & only use it for behind the scenes.

27-04-2009, 8:04pm
Oh bugga Simone!! I hope someone can fix it for you!! I hate it when that happens, only usually mine are too dark..lol Good luck!

27-04-2009, 8:27pm
S5Pro has a lot of dynamic range leeway when processing.
It was always the top dog in terms of capturing the widest dynamic range, until the D3/700 came along and usurped it :D

have you tried to recover the highlights using Fuji's software?

Did you shoot in the native RAW format(whatever that is :confused013) or in jpg or tiff mode?

I suspect that most of the highlights could be brought back if you shot in raw and dealt with the raw file using the best available software.

I don't think trying to do that with the JPG will be as successful.

27-04-2009, 8:38pm
It's my brothers camera, so he will have the disc. More software to load.
Shot in JPG

& I should point out that it was set on Programmed auto

27-04-2009, 8:40pm
Truthfully.....I dont think there's too much at all that can be done to fix this one, slight blowouts shot in RAW maybe, but this one................:confused013

27-04-2009, 9:15pm
Oh Phil what did you ? , cause I need to do that to original file. ( or copy of the original )

And thank you

27-04-2009, 9:27pm
I think B&W the way to go


Some details are just gawn tho :(

27-04-2009, 9:40pm
hmmm never thought of B&W . Will continue to play & any more suggestions guys throw them at me.

They want a print for the club room walls.

27-04-2009, 9:47pm
sheesh, an 8x10 only I hope.:confused013

27-04-2009, 9:57pm
As long as they got a memento of the wend they wouldn't care what size & their getting it for nothing

27-04-2009, 9:59pm
This was over-exposed big time - ISO 1000 in full sun, that's not gonna do a lot of good. You did *not* put the camera in full automatic but in Av.

The reason this was so much over-exposed was that you used the camera in Aperture priority at f/5 and used flash. The use of flash limited exposure to 1/250". Why did you use ISO1000 in the first place?

Orange is not the simpliest color in sRGB, but that has to do with whitebalance only, not exposure.

Anyway, repairing won't be easy. If you shot in RAW, I'm willing to give it a shot - just put the original on a publicly accessible server somewhere.

27-04-2009, 10:25pm
Here are immediate shots taken before & after group shot. To give some idea on just how orange the shirts are

Certainly didn't change any settings, only thing off in the exif is the time was 07:xx in the morning. Didn't adjust after going back an hr.

As for the flash, didn't take one & certainly didn't use the on cam. I know exif says it fired.

Of all colours to have in a group shot ORANGE LOL

27-04-2009, 10:28pm
The colours didnt cause the overexposure though

27-04-2009, 10:52pm
Jev is on the money here.
Flash must have been raised(accidentally maybe) because in Aperture Priority mode the shutter would have been faster than 1/2000, as it was in the second of your orange shirt shots.

For the camera to limit shutter to 1/250, which is the highest non FP sync speed on a D200(same as Fuji S5Pro), the flash must have been raised. If not then there is an issue with the camera as it thought the flash was being used.

Nothing you can do about it now, but that's way too much over exposure to bring back on a jpg. For a raw image you may have been in luck, but over 3 stops of over exposure is pushing the relationship too much.

Darrens B&W conversion idea is probably the better way to go.

27-04-2009, 11:10pm
Of all colours to have in a group shot ORANGE LOL
What's wrong with that? I'm pretty sure I'll be shooting a lot of orange in a couple of days...

27-04-2009, 11:13pm
Yeah im going with something along the lines of Darren's idea.
B&W & if can pull the orange to a respectable level have them orange.

Bit of fiddling around but it will keep the club happy.
They scratch my back so least I can do is try & salvage it