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14-04-2009, 1:18pm
Another dark day for film:


It is with much regret and sadness, that Fotoman Camera Ltd. announces the termination of all manufacturing activities, effective April 1st, 2009.

Fotoman Camera will continue shipping product until existing inventories are depleted, after-which, Fotoman Camera Ltd. will officially cease all business activities.

Two primary factors have contributed to this decision…

Declining demand for our film-based camera products:
Product demand has declined to a level where we can no longer justify manufacturing at current volumes. Maintaining current levels of pricing, quality and logistics will be impossible at recent production volume. Similarly, some key sub-contractors will no longer be able to support us at current levels.

External demands on the Founders & Management of Fotoman Camera Limited:
Paul Droluk, Founder & President, and Len Grenier, Founder & CEO, are also active CEO’s of much larger N. American based companies, which are placing larger demands on their leadership and expertise. As such, they will no longer be able to devote the time and energies required to maintain proper vigil over the activities of Fotoman Camera Limited.

Fotoman Camera is proud and honored to have made some small contribution to the history of film-based photography. While circumstances prevent us from continuing in this effort, we are deeply pleased in the knowledge that Fotoman cameras will continue making beautiful film based images for a very long time to come. We wish to thank all of those who supported us in our endeavors… employees, engineers, suppliers, and dealers. And a very special thank you to the many photographers who chose to express their vision from behind a Fotoman camera.

14-04-2009, 1:36pm
Its interesting, that a company that produces cameras that Digital still lag behind, is going under....

Yes, I agree, its another dark day for film photography