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24-03-2009, 6:54pm
Hi all
I am seriously thinking of buying a Nikon 500mm f4 AIs model. Its in ex condition but not cheap so I can not afford to make a mistake if I can help it.

I have a D200 it is intended for.

However, all the write-ups talk about different camera bodies and the difference in IQ you get depending on which body you use the lens on. There is no information I know of that tells me how these two would go together.:

Can anyone tell me good things (or even bad things ) about this proposed combination.

all comments very needed and welcomed. :confused013

24-03-2009, 7:17pm
First question. What are you going to shoot with it?

I @ M
24-03-2009, 7:21pm
I am envious :cheeky33: have a quick read of one mans views on that lens at ---- http://www.naturfotograf.com/lens_tele.html ---- his marks are out of 5 so giving that one a 4.5 on a D2x or D200 indicates that he likes it.

24-03-2009, 7:21pm
mainly birds, some surfing, and wildlife

24-03-2009, 7:26pm
Andrew beat me to it. Bjorn (naturfotograf) is a highly regarded reviewer. Also Thom Hogan but I am not sure if he has looked at that lens.

Wow, that is a 750mm effective focal length. I hope you have a very good trip$d and head.

24-03-2009, 7:27pm
Sounds like the lens will deliver! Go for it, and show us the photos!!!!

24-03-2009, 7:28pm
thanks I@M

had a quick read of the article and it seems pretty positive.

much appreciated.

24-03-2009, 7:29pm
thanks Rick

they will be slow moving aminals.

24-03-2009, 7:32pm

the lens is only 3 kg. - my play-lunch weighs more than that !!

Maybe carrying it will not be a bad thing , you know, to work off my play-lunch

24-03-2009, 7:48pm
mongo i think tom might have been getting at the potential for camera shake at 750 rather than the weight of the lens .. you will be needing that tripod mate

24-03-2009, 8:18pm
you'r right bigdazzler. Luckily I have a good one and I'm not affraid to use it.

thanks for the advice

24-03-2009, 8:23pm
Buy it and give it to me please :cheeky33: .........I SAID PLEASE lol lol

24-03-2009, 8:30pm
Sorry , I can't give it to you Seesee. However, if you were closer by, lending it to you for the day may not have been altogether outrageous.

How is that for untethering homo sapien logical norms.

24-03-2009, 9:33pm
Mongo, I'd think long and hard about that purchase if I were you. If I have this straight, you are considering the old model 500/4, not the new one with VR, yes? I'm sure it's a lot cheaper than (sorry, make that "not quite so mind-numbingly expensive as") the new 500/4 VR, but on a lens that size, VR/IS is really, really useful, For starters, you can reliably hand-hold a 500/4 with VR on an APS-C body, which you can't do without the VR. Even if you plan to use a tripod all the time, the benefit of I/VR for picture quality is very, very real, even at high shutter speeds. And thirdly, the D200 is as notorious for poor quality at high ISO as it is respected for excellent quality at 100 or 200, and using a 500 without VR, high ISO is something you will need often.

Save up some extra cash and go for the VR model. Yes, you will spend more - probably quite a lot more - but it will be wortyh every penny. Or if you don't have a lot of Nikon gear already (you probably do if you are considering a 500/4), buy the Canon one and a 50D - that will still be cheaper (just) than the Nikkor lens alone. But whatever you do, think carefully before buying a long, expensive lens that doesn't have VR.

25-03-2009, 1:01pm
Tannin I realy appreciate the advice. While it is a beatiful lens, when I tried it out yesterday, even with a good tripod, it was difficult to remove all vibration. At these magnifications (including using 1.4 E) it can be critical. I was only at 200iso but as you say the 200D has its limitations. Unfortunately, if I do not buy it I will have to save up about 3 times more for a second hand VR which do not come up much at all. I do not think I ccould go the one canon body and one lens but I do understand your thinking on that.

My affair may be over with this lens before it has begun - I will know shortly

I need to deccide in the next 2 days. every one has been helpful and constructive and i am greatful to all either way.

08-05-2009, 2:07pm
Paul would like to know if Mongo ended up getting this lens?

22-11-2010, 2:13pm
sorry Paul, I did not notice that you had asked this question until today!!! The answer may not matter to you now (1.5 years later) but better late than never.
Short answer - No. However, Mongo did buy a new 200 -400 f4 a couple of months later for an unbeatable low price.

thanks for asking.

James Axford
22-11-2010, 2:44pm
wish I could help Mongo, but i'm not a Nikon shooter.
But i wish you luck in your purchase and am looking forward to those photos that come from it :)

22-11-2010, 2:57pm
james, read the post above yours :)

James Axford
22-11-2010, 3:14pm
whoops didn't realise how old this post was...
ave enjoyed the shots from the bigger and badder 200-400 though :)

Duane Pipe
22-11-2010, 4:44pm
Some people live in the past :D

James Axford
22-11-2010, 5:20pm
you study the past to know the future my friend :)

22-11-2010, 6:35pm
It was nice of you guys to have read and shown enough interest to have answered - Mongo appreciates the intent.

BTW , MOngo has been posting them for over a year now.