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Dan AU
08-03-2009, 2:16pm
Came across this page the other day while I was looking for information about colour management.


When rolling over some of the images I could see how they were changing into different colours. I have now installed Safari as my web browser which uses your systemprofile and images seem to be a lot more consistent to when they were going through IE7, Safari also seems to be a lot quicker when browsing as well.

Thought it may be of interest to some of you.


08-03-2009, 3:26pm
Take care. Safari is generally regarded by experts in the field as having the worst security of any mainstream browser (other than Internet Explorer, of course).

Dan AU
08-03-2009, 3:34pm
Thanks Tannin. Hopefully Bitdefender will take care of the other security.

Firefox is also a colour managed browser for those that don't want to try Safari, the link outlines the browsers as well.

08-03-2009, 6:23pm
Firefox has it as well. You can go into the guts of firefox and enable it manually, or use this add-on to quickly do it, if you don't like getting into the engine of your software:


08-03-2009, 7:56pm
The security of Safari is almost moot as the majority of Mac users dont run a firewall or virus protection. All know problems as far as I know for Macs are basically trojans (there are only 2 of them) and you have to physically down load and install into your machine. This is pretty easy to avoid.

Most photographers wont use Safari as it wont do EXIF data

Dan AU
08-03-2009, 9:22pm
This has gone a little off track from my original intentions. You can get a nice Free EXIF viewer from http://www.opanda.com/ all you do is drag the pic to it and you get all the details. Given easier if you have 2 monitors and I haven't used firefox so can't really compare with that product, if it is a plugin it may be easier to use.