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05-02-2009, 2:24pm
OK this is an area I know absolutely nothing about !!! So please bear with me and try to be tolerant if I say something stupid .. :D

Hs anyone used iweb to build their site ?? When I start playing around I think Ill be able to build the page no problem, the templates in the programme look pretty user friendly.

Im more after specifics on how the hosting part of it works, Ive never done anything like this so really have no idea.

iweb gives you a couple of options during the building process, to use Apples MobileMe to publish the site or an external FTP server. Is this something like our new sponsor Hostgator ??

So for any mac users out there that have used iweb, all info is much appreciated and welcomed.

Cheers :food04:

05-02-2009, 3:01pm
FTP, is just File Transfer Protocol. Its the way files are uploaded to the web, So you could say get hosting with Hostgater, develop your website with iWeb and then use the external FTP server option to upload your completed site to your server.

05-02-2009, 3:39pm
Thanks Rick , thats how I thought it worked.

What about domain names ?? DO I need to register one first or can that be done during the building process ??

05-02-2009, 3:39pm
Rick, mate you make it sound so easy :). But yeah, technically that's how it's done. Only other thing is you need your domain name.

05-02-2009, 3:43pm
Yep. Register a domain name. Registering a name and hosting are two different things. You can basically register and hold on to as many domain names as you like without necessarily having any web content held on them. You'll need at least one domain name though to upload content to through your host provider. I mentioned in a recent thread it's often a good idea to have your domain name and host through different providers. Hostgator are great for hosting, but I wouldn't necessarily register a domain name through them as well.

05-02-2009, 3:45pm
I know zip about coding and all that so im thinking it wont be so easy and I will get stuck along the way at some point .. I dont wanna make anything spectactular, just something to display galleries etc etc ..

EDIT: i posted whilst Dave was replying. question answered ;) Can you suggest somewhere good to get a domain name from Dave ??

One more thing, anyone know anything about Apples MobileMe ?? It looks the simplest way to host when building with iweb ?? I havent looked into the cost of an account though .. knowing Apple it may be ridiculous .. :rolleyes:

05-02-2009, 3:55pm
I found this place .. $26 for .au domain name for 2 years ??