View Full Version : Latest Mobile Phone Trend - FORGET IT...!

09-02-2021, 7:39am
THE MEMORY CARD SLOT, that is!:eek:

Some manufacturers are DITCHING them :eek:

Here is an article on just one such - the Samsung Galaxy S21 series

I found this out while casting about for the latest 5G dual-SIMmers (which Samsung in Oz is NOT).

Yes, apparently 64GB and up of Internal Memory is enough for us punters - choice made for us :rolleyes:

What I DON'T like about the idea is that you'll certainly have trouble retrieving data from a fried fone.

Well, I just ditched a whole lot of phones from my search, not just Samsung. :rolleyes::rolleyes:

09-02-2021, 6:00pm
I have a 2TB google one subscription, so all my data from my phone is backed up to the google cloud, so I don't need a memory card etc in my phone. The 2TB is $12.49 a month and use it not just for my phone, but it backs-up my laptop too. Syncing the backups is easy and constant.

09-02-2021, 7:03pm
I know. There are ways around the situation, but I think choices are
being made for individuals by "corporate mentalities" :eek: