View Full Version : Who uses drones?

18-08-2020, 10:27am
So first post in a while but good one

Thanks to my brother yesterday letting me fly his dji mavic mini im now looking at one but want to see how how many people fly with them now and what the pictures are like before i pull the 800 dollar trigger

Thanks for any info.

20-08-2020, 7:07am
I use a phantom 4 pro, picture quality is pretty good & it's a lot of fun to use. Haven't used a mavic though. You are restricted a bit on areas to use them, most NP etc don't allow drones. I mainly use mine on the coast

20-08-2020, 7:41am
I fly a mavic pro. Have previously had a Phantom 3 and other cheaper models. Love the mavic. I alternate between using it for images and videos. It shoots RAW which I don't believe the mini does. Other than that I think range and speed are the biggest differences.

20-08-2020, 10:22am
Never had the urge to buy one.


20-08-2020, 1:19pm
I have a Mavic Pro. My advise is go for the Mavic Pro or Mavic Air. Check out some features comparison charts. There are plenty online.