View Full Version : Davey Jones Locker App...???

03-08-2020, 7:17am
No, there isn't one I've heard of, but short of tossing my phone into the deep to keep the data
safe, I am all at sea looking for one.

So, I'm looking for an Android app with the ability to lock specific apps, such a s GMail, and maybe
Messages and Whatsapp, but particularly GMail!!:nod: The phone security is all-or-nothing, which
doesn't appeal to me.

Of the 1000s of locking apps out there 999s of them are called AppLock, yet they are from different
sources :rolleyes::confused013

Can anyone suggest a good app to meet my need - ie, ability tolock individual apps only? -- And, if
it is also called [...Lock... AppLock... App...], can you please be specific as to which one you mean.

Or, is there another means to lock only GMail? (I searched Google to little avail :()