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29-05-2020, 5:08pm
[Just FYI]
Sooo many videos taken by phone cam, and sometimes you want to add a series of sub-titles where
the sound of a voice might be indistinct...

Yes... OK... Fair-renuff...

So in 2020 AD you'd think Windows would have caught up with the trend and would have provided
some means of doing this...

:nod: etc...

N:angry34:t really! They have Movie Maker, but it's like driving a truck - from the back of the table-top!

After much searching of the web, using several search phrases, I finally came across a free program
called MiniTool MovieMaker. (https://moviemaker.minitool.com/) It's also like driving a truck, but at least from the driver's seat. So I tried
it out because I also have a disk performance program from the same crowd, and it's :th3:

It comes with a couple of optional extra programs, and so I got a Youtube downloader, which I thought
might come in handy :nod:

This MTMM lets you insert text from the storyboard, unlike some programs (like VLC Media Player) which
need a separate subtitle file. I tried doing it that way yesterday and got a BLANK SCREEN :rolleyes:

And MTMM lets you export the sub-titled video in 3 different quality settings, and I chose the middle one,
which shrank the original clip to about 40% of its original size and still looked quite good.
[/Just FYI]

05-06-2020, 4:57pm
Mmm youtube can autromatically do sub titles but they are done phonetically and are not always accurate - and yeah probably wouldn't work at all in situations as you describe with indistinct voice.

Thanks for the tip I'll check it out in due course.

05-06-2020, 5:12pm
I've learnt about SRT files since -easy enough - but I prefer to do it visually onto the storyboard
for my simple application, and not have to worry about 2 separate files.