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15-08-2019, 12:33pm
...doesn't work :eek:

I've had this Redmi Note 4 (https://www.gsmarena.com/xiaomi_redmi_note_4-8531.php) phone for about a year and am generally :)-ed with it.

In recent months I've noticed the pictures have been coming out "a little fuzzy".
I had a look and found some misty deposit on the cover class for the lens, on the
back cover of the phone.

So, I thought "Ah, just remove the back cover and givvita clean :nod:"
Three or four You-tube videos later, I was ready to start... - but I couldn't get
the back cover off no matter what :hb: So I stopped trying, and just ran my
finger over the lens cover. Lo! Behold! Sing, ye angels! A little piece of plastic
protective material lifted off and revealed a clear glass cover :eek:

Now the pics are good again. :party7:

Illustration of the foregoing...

Mary Anne
15-08-2019, 2:39pm
That would be right :lol:

Bear Dale
15-08-2019, 3:04pm
LOL that gave me a chuckle AM :)