View Full Version : ON1 Photo RAW 2019

30-05-2019, 6:37pm
Who is using or thinking of using ON1 Photo RAW 2019 as their RAW editor?

By the looks of it, some rather interesting features and capabilities are available.

31-05-2019, 12:36am
If my computer would run it properly, I'd happily use it. I use their older ON1 Effects regularly, and it runs fine, but Photo Raw is a pain. I particularly like it's ability to create masks easily.

31-05-2019, 8:42am
I've tried it and like their effects module as mentioned by farmmax. However, the new versions run very sluggishly on my PC (admittedly, quite old, but Lightroom CC Classic runs fine...). Especially once you load it with presets. I like to caption/title all my photos, as well as geotag them - unfortunately, geotagging is not handled at all by ON1 and it's not on their radar either - I've asked. I can't really speak to the raw developing part of the software, since I haven't used it except experimentally. I've checked out all sorts of alternatives but am kind of stuck with Lightroom because it does everything I want (geotagging, HDR, Panoramas, batch captioning, batch export to specific requirements eg as per Ausphotography upload size) and I haven't found anything else that does all that.

31-05-2019, 9:13am
Unfortunately it's excruciatingly sluggish on my PC as well (Windows 10 (64-bit), Intel i7-8700k (3.7GHz), 32GB RAM, nvidia gtx1080). Almost unusably sluggish :confused013

Mary Anne
31-05-2019, 10:05am
Very slow on my computer also. No I dont use it to convert from RAW though I have fun with the presets and filters.
Its Lightroom for me for my raw editor.

Ross M
31-05-2019, 8:01pm
I particularly find using adjusment brushes is slow.
A new version - 2019.5 - has just been released, with yet another claim of performance improvement. I haven't downloaded it yet. When I do I might report back.

It is promising software, but I suspect that adding features to compete with Photoshop has been a higher priority than speed for the developers. When I sent a complaint, the reply was to ensure my computer was running optimally. Given that I increased RAM from 8GB to 16GB specifically to improve this software's speed, I was underwhelmed by the suggestion. OK, my computer is old and 16GB is not considered a lot in our circles, but Photoshop Elements and Lightroom run fine.