View Full Version : Adobe CC Plan annual subscription increases yet again...

09-03-2019, 8:32pm
Just received an e-mail from Adobe stating that the annual subscription at renewal in April will be Au $ 171, up from Au $ 158 which was itself up from Au $120 when I signed up.:rolleyes:

I used to upgrade every 2nd new release so I think I'm still ahead for a while.



09-03-2019, 8:42pm
Deja vu-vu-vu:rolleyes:

09-03-2019, 8:55pm
Bugger, I'm using CC up to 6 - 7 - even 8hrs a day atm. Changing & learning new software is outta the question so I guess I'll havta suck it up :D

Thanks, mate...

09-03-2019, 9:20pm
I did a very rough calculation before I left PS CS6 behind and leapt into the murky, uncharted waters of annual subscriptions, based upon my historical upgrade path from PS through CS2, CS4 and CS6.

I seemed to upgrade every 2nd major release and only had PS, not LR.

Also, PS CS was much more limited in its basic functionality when compared to the richer content of CC (but only if you need to use it...).;)

So, with the subscription model I get LR and also the extra stuff in CC, plus incremental upgrades and my rough calculations led me to believe that in some 10 to 12 years, the costs would be the same from every 2nd release upgrade vs annual subscription IF Adobe didn't screw me with HUGE increases....

An unfavourable Au$ vs US$ exchange rate can make these prices converge much more rapidly though.:rolleyes:



10-03-2019, 7:39pm
I should add that the pre-GST amount is AUD155.88.



10-03-2019, 7:53pm
Looks like they might just be adding in GST. I got a renewal notice a few weeks ago which was $12.99 per month + GST (total $14.29 per month ~ $171 p.a.), which is the same as I've been paying for the last 12 months.

At the current exchange rate we are actually paying around US $9.15 / month (excluding GST), which is less than they pay in the US.