View Full Version : K30 mirror lock up

08-01-2019, 2:44pm
I've been reading some articles recently on landscape photography, and the same tip keeps coming up 'MLU'. I have checked my Camera Manual and nowhere (other than senser cleaning) does the mention of muirror lock up appear.
I've also googled MLU for K30 and the only reference is when using liveview, but then says that is no good because the mirror closes then opens raises agian to take the image. I've recently been looking at "digital preview" display and was wondering if the mirror closes and opens again when taking an image using this option.


08-01-2019, 2:59pm
It doesn't have the feature for still photography. It's not a big deal for most situations, though,
and I'd say not much at all for landscape.

08-01-2019, 3:26pm
Thanks AM, I did try with 'digital preview' and without and couldn't see any difference