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11-12-2018, 5:22pm
Sadly our time in Melbourne is coming to an end. Its been enjoyable for my photography to visit new places within the state of Victoria.
So in a few months our family will drive back to Perth (around April).
Just putting it out there for any suggested photographic stops along the way. I am thinking about Murphy's Haystacks in South Australia as a worthy stop.
Any ideas or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.


11-12-2018, 5:34pm
No idea from me, sorry, but I moved your thread into the "most" appropriate forum, although
the Nullabor extends across two states, and since you mentioned one place along the way.

11-12-2018, 5:52pm
This recommendation is based on information more than 30 years old. When we drove the Nullabor in the 1980's, we kept seeing these little signs with cameras pointing to the left. We ignored the first few but eventually our curiosity was piqued and we turned off. Wow! The Great Australian Bight was only a couple of hundred metres from the highway. The terrain is so flat and the drop-off so immediate that you don't realise that there is anything there. That really is spectacular.

Other than that, maybe the old telegraph station at Eucla (if it hasn't been totally covered by sand these days). I also remember an old jetty at Eucla but this was a very long time ago so not sure what would be there now.

Drive safely.

12-12-2018, 5:43am
Hawthy's info is still current. Or simply look at Glenda's recent posts and ... well ... probably decide to fly home 'coz you won't take a better travel picture round there than Glenda did already. :) No, but seriously, look at Glenda's past posts.

My suggestions may be a little out of your way: I like the Gawler Ranges and I absolutely love the deserted, neglected western side of the Eyre Peninsula, both the coast itself and the hinterland. Right now is a good time of year for it.

12-12-2018, 9:31am
Murphy's Haystacks is definitely worth a visit - we went around sunset. They're on private property and the owner asks for a donation ($5 by memory) to enter and take photographs. We only got as far west as Penong on our recent trip which has some beautiful whitish sand dunes. We did spend quite a bit of time on the Eyre Peninsula which has some amazing scenery. My favourite stops were Streaky Bay from where we accessed Murphy's Haystacks and the Point Labatt sea lion colony, Elliston which has some beautiful coastline including Talia Cave. High wind and drizzly rain spoiled Port Lincoln which shouldn't be as bad in April.

12-12-2018, 9:37am
Wee baba cave near the SA/WA border. Giant sinkhole that opens into a flooded cave system. Great for a swim too.

12-12-2018, 7:59pm
As Hawthy recommends the Great Australian Bight is well worth a stop off. I loved the way the landscape changes along the way. Don't stay at Bordertown. Waste of money. Eucala is much better. Have fun :)