View Full Version : Where can I fly a drone in Australia

08-12-2018, 8:32pm
I've found that some new drone owners aren't given any information on where they can fly, by the retailer where they buy...

Drone owners should download the free official CASA app "can I fly there" onto their Android or Apple phone or tablet to check where flights may be allowed or restricted
An example of the detailed CASA map with various areas marked is below

Anyone can also go to the CASA webpage, https://casa.dronecomplier.com/external , and view the same information map that's available to drone owners, by using any computer web browser...

Mark L
08-12-2018, 10:42pm
And if you are interested in looking at a fire with your drone, forget it.
Above the fire ground is controlled air space so you can't fly there without permission. Same as Channel 9 and other media can't fly there with their helicopters without permission.
Importantly, as soon as a drone is seen above a fire ground all fire fighting aviation will be shut down for safety reasons. And yes, this happens.

09-12-2018, 12:43am
And if you are interested in looking at a fire with your drone, forget it.

That's why drone operators need to know exactly what the rules are and they're not being told when they buy their drone...

The CASA map also shows where the boundaries of the no fly fire zones are when a serious fire breaks out...

There were hundreds all over Queensland recently and the fires shown below are currently burning North West of Coffs Harbour in NSW

The no fly zones are shown in red...