View Full Version : Nik Collection by DxO v1.1 — (Build 1.2.18) Released (16Nov 2019)

16-11-2018, 8:52pm
Just received a notification that the PAID FOR (not free) version now authored by DxO has been updated.

From the DxO Website:

What’s new in Nik Collection by DxO v1.1 — (Build 1.2.18)

Compatible with macOS 10.14 (Mojave).
Compatible with the 2019 version of Adobe Photoshop CC, Lightroom Classic CC, and Photoshop Elements.
Fixed: compatibility issue between Affinity and Nik plug-ins on macOS. Note that the wrong color display on Viveza still exists when launched from Affinity.
Fixed: block artifacts on image borders when applying some filters in Color Efex or Silver Efex (macOS).
Fixed: crashes when launching Nik plug-ins related to specific ICC color profiles for image or display.
Fixed: wrong color display in Nik plug-ins related to specific ICC color profiles for display.
Fixed: error message “Could not complete the command because of a problem with the filter module interface” when launching Nik Collection on some specific user accounts (macOS).
Fixed: wrong Selective Tool display when clicking on its ‘minimize’/‘restore’ button.
Fixed: Nik Collection can be marked as in quarantine (and therefore software like Little Snitch blocks it) (macOS).
Fixed: Nik plug-ins don’t show up in Lightroom ‘Edit In’ menu. Please note that if you still encounter this issue we strongly advise, before installing Nik Collection 2018, to uncheck Lightroom preference “Store presets with this catalog” (in menu “Edit -> Preferences… -> Presets”).

Known limitations!

HiDPI resolution screens are still partially supported.

Ross M
23-11-2018, 9:26am
All DXO software is half price for the "Black Friday" sale until Nov 26th. The Nik Seven Plug-in Collection 2018 is US$34.99