View Full Version : Anyone see the new RED Hydrogen yet. Looks spectacular so far.

01-10-2018, 11:39pm
An old friend , mark toia has been reviewing it. He's an ambassador for RED too but reckons its real deal.

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02-10-2018, 7:05am
I hear they are having heaps of issues with the titanium version. Those who pre-ordered last year have now been told they will get the basic RED Hydrogen phone now, and then the Titanium.. when it is released.. at some time in the future. So quite a few disgruntled people out there regarding this.

Also seems they are still not letting reviewers post videos of the holographic effect. Everyone seems to say the image pops out of the screen by about a cm, but no one is being allowed to show that in their reviews. Not sure why?

Will be interesting to see if it takes off. At present the holographic effect is only able to be done with Red's proprietary video format .4v The issue with this is that you need a module to add to the phone to create the holographic effect.. so more money. The camera in the phone cannot create it. A company called Lucid is making a module that will include an 8K 3D camera (https://www.theverge.com/circuitbreaker/2018/5/22/17380418/red-lucid-8k-3d-camera-hydrogen-one-phone-attachment-accessory) that you can click onto the phones modular pack (a row of contacts on the back bottom of the phone) to allow you to take .4v video and photos. Funnily the module is going to be way bigger than the phone. So really the phone becomes an add-on to the camera, rather than the other way round.

Considering how 3D went in TV's (and some smart phones in the past), I wonder if Red's phone will be gimmicky and not take hold. Though a holographic display could be fun.