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15-08-2018, 8:08pm
My wife and I were lucky enough to do a 15-day trip around Tasmania in March. We got to see a lot of Hobart, Mt Wellington, down to Huonville the coast back up to Hobart, Port Arthur, most of the east coast including Bicheno, Freycinet, Bay of Fires and up to St Columbas falls. We then came back via Ross, Launceston, Cradle Mountain, Strahan, Derwent Bridge, Mount Fields National Park, and Hobart. A great trip!

As luck would have it, I need to go to Hobart again in early September for a work conference. I have organised for the old bird to accompany me and we are spending a week after the conference to visit the north and north west. So far my itinerary is spend two nights in Hobart at the conference and then:

Saturday - Drive from Hobart to Launceston and overnight in Launcseton.
Sunday - Drive from Launceston to Bridport. Play golf and stay at Lost Farm.
Monday - Drive from Bridport to Stanley and spend two nights in Stanley visiting Arthur River, Dismal Swamp, etc.
Wednesday - Two nights at Cradle Mountain - hoping to see snow (being a Queenslander this is a rare treat).
Friday - back to Hobart via the Lakes / Highlands district.

Just wondering if the locals can point me in the direction of any highlights in this part of Tassie at this time of year. It will be early September 6-15 so unfortunately I may be too early for the tulips, etc.

19-08-2018, 10:20pm
Not a local but they seem to be still hibernating at the moment.

Going from Cradle Mountain to Stanley about 15km north of where the Cradle Mountain road meets the Murchison Highway there is a turn off to the township of Waratah.

Waratah is only 10km off the track from there and is a picturesque little town that was a mining town and has a few quaint buildings and a substantial waterfall in the middle of town - worth a look, should be plenty of water going over then.

If you stay on the Murchison hwy to Wynyard, rather than take the main drag to Burnie, you'll godown to Hellyer gorge and tat can be a pretty spot for cuppa and a photo

20-08-2018, 6:24am
1. On your way from Hobart to Launceston, stop in at Oatlands (oldest working flour mill in the country.. an actual stone grinding windmill).

2. Stop at Ross - The Ross bridge is the second oldest bridge in Australia, and the church up the hill is quaint and worth a look to. And go to the Ross Bakery for a snack,, brilliant food.

3. Launceston. The Gorge, the Queen Victoria Museum, Penny Royal World

4. If you can get to Beauty Point, go to Seahorse world.

5. On the way to Stanley, detour to Boat Harbour.. beautiful beach scenery, and along the way watch out for the daffodil farms, there could be some that are still flowering (they are starting to flower now). Acres and Acres of daffodils. Also look out for the Chocolate factory, cheese factories, etc. These are scattered across the north west of the state. You have to have something to eat to keep your strength up.. hehe.

6. Go to Mole Creek if you get the chance. Glow worm caves.

7. Cradle Mountain..everyone knows about that.

8. Coming back through the lakes district, and everywhere on the trip, be prepared to just pull-over to the side of the road and take photos, the whole state is full of great vistas, quirkiness, and more.

9. Be careful of the locals.. they are weird!:D

20-08-2018, 8:25pm
Thanks Rick and John. Will definitely look up Waratah and Hellyer Gorge. Will stop in at Oatlands. Been to Ross and seen the bridge. The Female Factory was interesting. The scallop pie was delicious. Been to Beauty Point but it was peeing down so didn't stop at the seahorse place. Maybe this time.

Boat Harbour and flowering daffodils sound awesome. Thanks.

Been to Mole Creek but not the caves.

Love, love, absolutely love...Cradle Mountain and can't wait to get back. Hoping to see snow. Really looking forward to the Lakes District. Have heard that the locals are a bit different. Do they drink Cascade or Boags in the centre of Tassie? One can get into trouble easily in some places. (For the record, Cascade is the preferable brew for me).

The Female Factory was a more interesting subject but more difficult to photograph:

21-08-2018, 7:16am
Do they drink Cascade or Boags in the centre of Tassie? One can get into trouble easily in some places. (For the record, Cascade is the preferable brew for me).

hehe. I can walk from my place to the brewery in around 10 minutes. However, I have only been twice. I prefer a nice wine... which you will find vineyards in the Tamar Valley that offer a good drop, and some of the views through the vines (using them as leading lines) is wonderful. (more photo ops). As for boags, cannot say I have ever tasted it.