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30-05-2018, 6:31pm
It so 'APPens I'm looking for something that will send a Whatsapp backup file to a computer
and then (in for a pound as for a penny) something else to open it. So far I've managed to
get the backup to Google Drive, but I can't open it:(

(Meantime, have found this Whatsapp Viewer (https://github.com/andreas-mausch/whatsapp-viewer).)

03-06-2018, 2:20pm
What does FREE mean?

APParently it means "free to download and install until you want to use it, then you have to pay."

That's what I found with 4 different apps to xfer Whatsapp data to PC :rolleyes:

24-06-2018, 2:30pm
Well, with WhatsApp you can "back up" chats by sending them as emails to yourself.

This is the only way I have found of keeping a record of my chats and any attachments sent with them.

The option is available from inside a Chat with a contact. You access it via the three-vertical-dots menu,
then "More" - "Email chat". An option to "Attach Media" will come up if there is any in the chat. You then
fill in the "To" field with the desired email address. The "From" address is the default account. Press the ">"
arrow to send.

All emails arrive in the usual way, but the chat text is an attachment +/- any other attachments in the chat.
The chat attachments are stripped from the chat text and arrive as separate attachments (at least in Yahoo Mail).

After you have them as emails, you can delete the chats from WhatsApp (as I have to do to free up space :( )

- - - Updated - - -

--- Partly alternatively, for WhatsApp attachments (Sent or Received) only, you can retrieve them
from your phone's Internal memory.

(Procedure: attach phone-computer via USB; allow debugging mode; search for your images and copy etc.)

Typical Android pathway for WhatsApp attachments is:

[Internal Storage] - WhatsApp - [Media] - [WhatsApp Images/Video/etc...]

Sent images are in a separate folder under the last one.