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Bear Dale
12-03-2018, 1:44pm
Can anyone tell me why when I go to print something, the print turns out a lot darker with colours washed out?

Even as soon as I click on the image to print it, when the print box opens up you can see in the image below the difference between the two photos.

Any advice on why this is happening and how to stop it?


12-03-2018, 1:50pm
What printing application, Windows 10?

Go into those Options and see what they're about (and tell us) :nod:

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PS: You "printer profile" doesn't match what is being sent.

Bear Dale
12-03-2018, 1:53pm
As Pauline would say ... "Please explain" ?


edit: yep Win 10

12-03-2018, 2:14pm
...Working it out. Will get back to ya.

:scrtch:'s Pauline? - Don't worry!

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OK, so you're printing straight from F[le Manager in Windows (?10) using the
R-click print option. I'd say that that must be the hardest way to control the
printed output and you machinery. I suggest you try from some sort of image
editing program - Photoshop, GIMP, LR, etc, that allow for much better control.

If you did click on the Options tab you would (eventually) get the windows shown

Check that your monitor (for that's what you're basing your assessment on) is correctly
shown in the area labelled "1".

If it is, then select and try in turn from any alternatives shown in the area lebelled "2".

I think you may not be able to get exactly what you see on the screen, but... :confused013

Finally, if you are wondering about the grey bird in the preview, it's because of my B/W printer.

Bear Dale
12-03-2018, 2:19pm
Appreciate the help.

Just going to make a coffee and I'll try and work through what you've said.

12-03-2018, 2:22pm
At this time of the day I have it white, but no sugar (ever, anyway):p

Bear Dale
12-03-2018, 2:23pm
Ok I've got two LG monitors but it just says Generic and I have nothing showing the the profiles box?


12-03-2018, 2:26pm
See if "Identify Monitors" brings up anything better, and also try "Use my settings..."

But after this exercise, try using something better to print from.

Bear Dale
12-03-2018, 2:37pm
OMG...you've solved my problem for me!!!!

I could hug you and squeeze you :D

All the years that I have been using PS, I have never printed from PS.

BINGO....used PS and the print printed out with the colours popping!

OMG again......you've no idea how many hours of frustration, ink an photo paper I have gone through and you fixed it!!!!!!!

Bear hug time :)

THANK YOU !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

12-03-2018, 3:05pm
Pass! :eek:

Bear Dale
12-03-2018, 5:34pm
Pass! :eek:


:) :) :)

John King
12-03-2018, 6:28pm
Jim, further to Am's excellent advice, it is also a good idea to download a profile for the paper you are using, if not the same brand as your printer. This should further improve your prints.

If you do this (or need to do it), you also need to select this profile in the PS print dialog box.

Glad it's working better for you! :D