View Full Version : Nowthat the K3-II is discontinued, what can we expect?

09-02-2018, 6:00am
The K3-II is gone. So what might we expect as a replacement? The only area's I see where Ricoh can progress are buffer size and AF.

Any other thoughts?

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16-02-2018, 7:57am
It will be interesting to find out, especially given they've announced the K-1 II upgrade, which apparently will give absolutely incredible low light performance.

In the APSC it would be nice to see some AF improvement, I guess, and some people want video upgrading. It has taken Pentax a while to get to the K-3 II replacement, so hopefully they'll make it really good

26-03-2018, 11:09am
I recently logged in to a Pentax specific forum, and was asked if I could fill out a questionnaire from Ricoh on what I wanted them to develop. It was quite a comprehensive list of questions, right down to "which of the following specific features do you want us to work on". I've never seen this sort of survey before, but then it may just be I was never in the right place.

Personal opinion is that they are taking the time to improve what the current customers feel is lacking, rather than a new gadget to attract more customers

02-04-2018, 10:29am
Yes, Ricoh are taking their time, but when they do something it seems pretty good. I love the announcement that they'll upgrade existing K-1s to K-1 IIs for quite a reasonable price ($700). Mine will go in for the upgrade.

Even better low light performance will be great and I am looking forward to hand held pixel-shift too.

Given what a good camera the K-3 is, it'd be sad to see the line disappear - I think the next one will be very good indeed. I will keep my K-3 while ever it has life in it.

I know Pentax isn't flashy or fashionable, but they make damned good cameras.