View Full Version : Whats good to shoot (photographically speaking) in Canberra?

07-08-2017, 9:31pm
Before I get the black helicopters overhead thinking I'm after the politicians.....

My wife and I have got a long weekend in Canberra coming up, and while I've been there on business a few times this trip I have some free time and intend to take my camera.

So what can people recommend to take images of? I'm mostly looking for architecture, landmarks, things that I can have a good time looking at and trying to find an original and quirky view of.

So any ideas?

07-08-2017, 10:19pm
the national museum, parliment house, several buildings in the A.N.U (just drive around and you will find them)
high court, national gallery ( plenty of sculptures around the grounds). the carrilion , war memorial

09-08-2017, 7:32pm
Thanks Mudman, I'll get the guide book out for those areas

09-08-2017, 8:12pm
don't forget to go up on top of mount Ainslie https://visitcanberra.com.au/attractions/56b23b003ed14ca745317ace/mount-ainslie-lookout

Apparently also great at sunrise and sunset...

09-08-2017, 8:55pm
in the A.N.U look for the john curtin school of medical research, it's on Garren road where it meets ward street
there is also a building called 'the shine dome' , it is next to the Australian academy of science on Mc'avoy circuit in the A.N.U
telstra tower on top of black mountain will give you a 360 scenic view of Canberra

14-08-2017, 8:18pm
Thanks folks, hopefully I'll post the results when I get back

01-09-2017, 9:00pm
Well I had a nice couple of days sightseeing around Canberra, pity about the weather....

A couple of the first ones through the processing cycle, no prizes for guessing where the first one was taken...

http://www.ausphotography.net.au/forum/attachment.php?attachmentid=132140 But it was nice to see this:


01-09-2017, 9:19pm
Bugger, they're not showing up in tapatalk :(

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02-09-2017, 1:18pm
They don't show up for me ether, and I posted them! Lets try that again...

Hmm, I'd uploaded them to my album here, which mysteriously appears to be empty today. Anyone know if there is a site issue or have i done something wrong? Try this

http://www.ausphotography.net.au/forum/attachment.php?attachmentid=132150&thumb=1 (http://www.ausphotography.net.au/forum/attachment.php?attachmentid=132150) http://www.ausphotography.net.au/forum/attachment.php?attachmentid=132149&thumb=1 (http://www.ausphotography.net.au/forum/attachment.php?attachmentid=132149)