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18-03-2017, 6:59pm
Short notice....:(

Gunna be in Dubbo on the 22nd March (next Wednesday) and now plan on going to the Zoo from opening, 9:00am, till about 2 -3.00pm if anyone is interested in a mornings walk/meet up?

Just thought I'd mention it, ya never know? :D

Would be great to meet some more APer's (better than the last lot...ha ha ha ha:Doh:)

Cheers - :beer_mug:

23-03-2017, 9:10am
Just saw your post, sorry I couldn't make it. I hope you got some great shots and would love to see some. It's been years since I've been to Dubbo zoo.

23-03-2017, 9:32am
Bugga! Missed your post. Might have been able to have get there. :(

23-03-2017, 11:02pm
Read it one day too late :D