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09-02-2017, 11:40am
Anyone got one, played with, borrowed?
I'd love to hear your views on it if so.

09-02-2017, 2:34pm
No. Do you know why?
It does NOT have a visual DOF preview, only focus pEAKing.

Nope! I like the SD1M I already have. It's goodernuffer-mee-ee...

Also, only 1/4000s max shutter vs 1/8000s, burst mode is slightly slower, and,
there's some uncertainty about the range of Σ APS-C lenses in H-mode.

Apart from that, there are some OK reviews about it, esp as it has (apparently)
improved the hi-ISO response over Merrill models.

09-02-2017, 3:55pm
Thanks. I was wondering about lenses. I couldn't see which ones cropped the sensor to a smaller format and which didn't.
The thing that attracted me was the high (50 mp equivalent) resolution, which according to a well known pro over here is medium format worthy. He printed a shot at 80x53" and said it easily matched a 50 MP medium format.
No DoF preview wouldn't worry me, I never use it. Or am I missing a deeper point here?
My use would be landscapes and aerial, and 1/4000 would be ok for aerial.
I say this not to argue in any way, just to say what my use would be. Most cameras are a compromise in some area.
I think I spotted that one doesn't want to go over 400 ISO. That may be a limit as on a dull day I need to push the ISO to maintain the shutter speed for aerial work. Having said that, in WA there's rarely a day when this would affect me :-).
Also sigma software is too slow so it's best to get ding files out to use anywhere, and these are large.

09-02-2017, 5:26pm
Well, I put the WORST SLANT on my misgivings, that's all.

It would probably fulfill your requirements. Also, I am sure there is a crop mode to
accommodate any smaller light circle from some APS-C lenses.

If you do get to use it AND you do shoot in raw, ABSOLUTELY use the SPP software to
convert to other formats. Of the few other contenders discussed on the Σ forum, SPP is
the most useful (as I understand it). Kalpanika is another, developed by a Σ user there,
but I have not used it. But I would say that you should do most of it in SPP. There is also a
straight in-cam conversion to DNG. People have reported mixed results using LR and the like.
But the 50 MPx rendition is jpeg only.

The thing about Σ cams with ANY of the various Foveon sensors is that they need LIGHT.
Then they excel. The main improvement of the Quattro sensor over the Merrill sensor, with the
change in architecture, is supposed to be some better low-light performance. There is a simmering
feud about the two systems. I am happy with WOT I've GOT:D

FWIW, it has a 1.6Mpix Live View, but of course, no Video mode.

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PS: Double FWIW: two reviews...

09-02-2017, 5:39pm
I would want to use the entire sensor rather than crop off edges due to a lens with a small circle.

When you say they need light. Is that a reference to the fact that iso needs to be kept low, or does performance deteriorate significantly if using a tripod and longer exposure in say a post sunset shot in order to ensure correct exposure while still keeping the ISO low? (hope that makes sense).

Ultimately, maybe the best thing I can do is talk to the pro that I mentioned has one...

Oh, and, would it be possible to change the thread title from "users" to "opinions" maybe. It may put people off commenting or viewing if not a user whereas I guess I'm really after peoples thoughts, as you spotted :-) Thanks

09-02-2017, 11:02pm
Max exposure time is set to 30 sec on the Merrill sensor cams, but in "Extended Mode" it can go to 120 sec.
I have uses 30 for star fields w/o any great problem except ponce when the sky colour changed. Never could
figure out why. I was using ISO 400 at the time.

Often enough, you read the term "niche camera" in the reviews. It is usually not defined, and usually only put
in to suggest... who knows what? (Sometimes they say why they use the term with explanations.) However, most
times I think it suggests it's something to be avoided unless you're quirky. That's CARP, IMO. I have done lots with
mine, and the Quattros are supposed to have overcome some of the Merrill limitations.

I think it's a very good idea to talk to "that pro" and get to use the camera. Meanwhile, download and install the latest
SPP, and find some Quattro raws (even some H images are available - somewhere). SPP, Mac and Win versions, are here:

I will leave you to look for some Q-H raws.

FYI only, and when I can find it, I will provide a link to a moon shot with my Merrill. It's a 100% crop.

Will change the thread title as you asked...

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(:cool: Easier than I thought... )
That moon thread, Hamster: http://www.ausphotography.net.au/forum/showthread.php?148528-Near-Full-Moon-WYSIWYG-and

10-02-2017, 7:19pm
Cheers Am, I'll have a play. And thanks for tweaking the title.

16-03-2017, 5:11pm
I've since been to the unofficial world launch (;)) in Perth. Said pro came with a number of prints at very large sizes e.g. 68" plus and took us through the workflow using the sigma software and discussed the pros and cons of 3 weeks spent using it on a workshop he was leading in Norway.
The prints were upsized using photozoom Pro 7 and pretty much Phase one MF 50 MP standard. Certainly indistinguishable to the paying public and given the fact my emphasis is always on story, and emotion, not pixel peeping you can pretty much add me to that list.
It's small and light, the EVF is crap and you don't want to go above ISO 100 (200 if you really must). The best workflow for quality seems to be process a raw file a minimal amount in the sigma software, have a drink on hand so you've got something to do between button clicks while the software thinks about what it's doing, and take a tiff out to another processing package for further work.
DNG files are massive, probably don't bother with these unless you have shares in Sandisk.
Personally it would do for the vast majority of my shooting. Long exposures are not an issue just ISO above base. What it won't be any good for is hand held low light, so wandering around a covered market taking candid street shots, street shots on a dull day, your kids indoors etc. I'd have to keep my Canon for such eventualities, where as if I got something like the Fuji GFX I'd have to pay a lot more, but could recoup thousands from selling my Canon gear due to the Fuji being more versatile (see similar comments in the Fuji thread I started).
All just MHO of course, but so you know, my need is for something heading towards Phase one levels of image quality without spending Phase One levels of cash. So a Pentax 645 type of deal, but I don't want that level of bulk and weight. Foremost for landscapes and aerials but with the ability to handle other areas such as travel, portrait etc. A DSLR with exceptional image quality if you like. (5DSr and D810 not exceptional enough).

Anyway, thought I"d share my thoughts/experiences in case anyone else is interested. Handily, there was a door prize at the launch of one of the prints on display; which I won! So I now have a massive print of Lofoten in Norway to get framed, and a new house with walls big enough to display it, to buy :D.

05-09-2018, 3:57pm
I have a Merrill DP2M and will never part with it. Working within its limitations, the resulting picture quality is awesome. If I had the money and enough motivation, I would get the H in a heartbeat.

05-09-2018, 4:39pm
I've used Quattro Pro for decades, and would not even consider swapping it for any of the others. Not Open Office Calc, not Excel, certainly not Google Sheets, it's Quattro Pro forever.

(Why do I get the feeling that I'm off-topic?)

05-09-2018, 8:34pm
(Why do I get the feeling that I'm off-topic?)

Dunno :confused013 - Just as long as yer don't get started on the Topic of Capricorn!