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16-08-2016, 10:36am
How do I reduce the size of a video's frame width and frame height (so that they are reduced in proportion to each other)?

I have a video file that is 3840x1920. I want to make the frame width and height smaller (closer to 3000x????).

Is this possible with Premiere Pro CC? I tried searching on YouTube and Google but it is rather difficult to find how this can be done.


16-08-2016, 6:36pm
I use Corel Video Studio. When I go to save the video at the end of creation, I get a choice of things like AVI, WMV, MPEG etc and once I choose the format there is a box I can click that offers up different sizes. I just pick the one that I want. Maybe check what options you have in your software as you go to save your video.

16-08-2016, 11:26pm
Premiere Pro is very like Rick's screen shot in Corel.

Go to File/export/media and all the options you want should be there. I wouldn't try altering my source file, because you may find at a later date you wished you'd stuck to the original size. Just export the video at the size, quality etc as, and when you need it.

You could try this link http://www.premiumbeat.com/blog/pro-tip-exporting-a-finished-video-from-premiere-pro/

20-08-2016, 11:26pm
Thanks guys, I'll give it a try.