View Full Version : Panasonic 12mm f1.4

19-07-2016, 1:17pm
Just to share, I got the chance to test drive a pre-production Panasonic 12mm f1.4 recently.
And the results are published here if anyone's interested.


19-07-2016, 1:22pm
Hmm! Had a look at the edges of the pics of the cityscapes to check for wide open performance.
IQ certainly drops off at f/16. Can't tell much at f/1.4. The rest look OK.

19-07-2016, 3:50pm
Thanks for looking Am.
All in all, I felt the lens performed well. But I had quite limited time with it such that each test series were only performed once. I didn't show all the test series I shot, but felt the crops I did show were fair representations of the results.

Mary Anne
19-07-2016, 4:58pm
Thanks for Sharing Swifty very interesting, though it's a tad out of my price bracket.

19-07-2016, 5:30pm
No probs, Mary Anne.
I didn't comment on the price because local (Singapore) pricing hadn't been announced nor has any shipping dates. But judging by the US pricing, it's out of my price range too and the question of value would then need to be addressed.
But it's good to have another choices in m43.

02-02-2017, 11:00pm
I am so tempted to swing over to m4/3, but when it is all still pretty expensive hard to justify.