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29-04-2016, 12:36pm
Hello All,
For those interested, a quite large set of jpeg and raw sample images from the K-1 have recently been posted here http://www.photographyblog.com/previews/pentax_k1_photos/.


10-05-2016, 7:22pm
It is a stunning camera!

11-05-2016, 8:22am
It is a stunning camera!

Hello Snpsht.
Well, that's what they tell us, and want us to believe.
Still not enough 'proper' reviews/tests out there yet to be really sure exactly where it sits on the ladder, but probably enough to convince that it is good value.
Now that you have one, I can't wait to see your comparisons with the K-3 re noise, BIF with AF-C etc etc.


11-05-2016, 9:26am
Yep...my guess is it'll take a bit of time for the reviews, comparisons etc to hit the streets, but truth be known, I really do believe that basically any of the modern DSLRs are excellent and a lot comes down to personal preference and which system you have the glass for. I happened to buy into Pentax because it fitted better into my hands than the others when I was looking for my first DSLR a few years ago, and now it's nice to be able to experience a FF camera without changing systems and without spending massive $$$$.

I haven't experienced another brand and am not a very experienced photographer but....

K-1 controls noise much, much better than the K-3 which to my mind was a little disappointing in its low light performance. K-1 handles it amazingly well, in fact. Its in-body stabilisation is excellent and shooting hand held is now viable at much lower speeds.

The AF is much better than the K-3 too, although I haven't tried the CIF yet (I don't often do birds or fast action). From what I have read, I believe it isn't as good as some of the competitors.

I'm liking the articulating screen, and the easy access to features through the top dials without going into menus.

Haven't tried pixel shift, but I think there's something on DPR about it which is pretty positive.

Apparently there are some issues with third party flashes.

I have had it less than a week, but so far I'm very pleased indeed.

11-05-2016, 3:51pm
I see that some K-1 images, some at quite high ISO, have been posted at http://www.pentaxforums.com/forums/190-pentax-k-1/314413-post-your-k-1-pictures-43.html
If the link lands you at the start of the thread move on to about post #631 and those following.
As viewed on the website they do look exceptionally good, but at full res they may not look quite so impressive.
The sensor noise does appear to be streets ahead of what I see on my K-3 II.


15-05-2016, 6:25pm
I personally think that there will be no issue with noise problems on the K-1 that makes it stand out more than any other FF 36Mp camera. Ricoh did a superb job with the 654Z and there is no reason to think they would drop the ball with this model. Over the years I have come to accept that buying a DSLR is like buying a roll of film. It generally has fixed characteristics. A different model or different brand and even CCD to CMOS, all have subtle to quite noticeable differences in picture quality. Just as film has. O, there's less choice of film these days but for those older who shot film, they know exactly what was available.

My take on some peoples sensor expectation is this: an ability to operate at 25 ISO up to 64000 ISO with zero noise.

Of course the difference these days is that to get such a range with digital generally means more than one body (sensor in reality as we don't have interchangeable sensors yet).

In practice, any one wanting low light noiseless images should choose a specific model available that can do that regardless of brand. The same goes for super quick AF etc. Then you end up with several bodies, each application specific. Doesn't work does it as the glass, flash, operational differences etc. is a huge issue.

Today's reality: anyone wanting a DSLR has never had it so good. We are stuck for choice across a vast range of equipment that I would say 95% of, is capable of making great images. The biggest influence in the equation being us, the photographer.

We still have different models of CNC machines out there at huge costs. There is not a "one machine fits all" available on the market. As for cameras, there never will be as ergonomics also come into play since you actually have to interface with the camera as you handle it, We are all different.

Best regards

16-05-2016, 7:51am
Yes, horses for courses ....and the K-1 suits what I like to do beautifully. Low light is a REAL strong point with this camera. Sports and video aren't..that's OK by me.


This review is pretty thorough and good to watch.

I must admit, though, I STILL can;t bring myself to be fully comfortable using my camera in rain. Next rainy day I WILL go out and get some shots!