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24-04-2016, 9:19am
Hi. I recently spotted this Lens while wandering through Newtown (Sydney) and I bought it. $180.

Checking out the lens in the shop it certainly appeared dirty inside & knocked about outside. But I thought it might be a nice project.

I just carefully wiped the front lens when I got home and, voila, it became clean.

http://i162.photobucket.com/albums/t257/jibbonpoint/Photoforums/IMGP0658_zpsv0ucobhr.jpg (http://s162.photobucket.com/user/jibbonpoint/media/Photoforums/IMGP0658_zpsv0ucobhr.jpg.html)

This is a shot from where the following was taken. This is at 50mm on a Sigma DC 18-50. Sorry about the quality, I'm having trouble with this lens but it's only to show the distance.

http://i162.photobucket.com/albums/t257/jibbonpoint/Photoforums/IMGP0653x_zpsu1jkiqa7.jpg (http://s162.photobucket.com/user/jibbonpoint/media/Photoforums/IMGP0653x_zpsu1jkiqa7.jpg.html)

This is with the Tele-tak.

http://i162.photobucket.com/albums/t257/jibbonpoint/Photoforums/IMGP0653xy_zpskmxmxgjf.jpg (http://s162.photobucket.com/user/jibbonpoint/media/Photoforums/IMGP0653xy_zpskmxmxgjf.jpg.html)

This is a crop.

It's also hand held.

The camera is a KS-1.

I should also add that this is a screw mount lens. Late 60's maybe.

24-04-2016, 4:07pm
OK. I had a bit of a look. The crop looks a bit soft, and it's hard to tell why (or even if 1 cause or more).
Your EXIF says 1/100sec, and at f=400mm that might prove a feat for holding steady. (I know it has become so
for me, who has been spoilt by good OS.)

It could be a combo of motion blur and high cropping factor. Thing to do is try it on some more subjects, like
a bird, some regular pattern...

It's good that it scrubbed up, as you said. It may well be quite a usable lens.

29-04-2016, 11:10pm
It's typical of early Pentax glass. Chromatic aberration is generally present but is easily removed. The longer glass was a little shy in contrast compared to today's examples. It is a good lens however and worth the money spent.

Try a polarizing filter with very slight polarization. It can make a substantial difference.

Always good to see images from legacy optics.

Best regards

30-04-2016, 7:30am
There's a bit of purple fringing on the white posts in the foreground which I assume is due to longitudinal chromatic aberration—a very common issue. Everything else looks pretty good all things considered.

Your composition could be improved a little bit I think. :p

11-06-2016, 11:21pm
Thanks for the comments and apologies for being so long about it. I'll use a tripod and try some wildlife.