View Full Version : OM-D E-M10 MKII or Fuji X70??

22-04-2016, 12:42pm
Hi guys :)

I am looking for a compact size camera to bring to Europe trip with my wife, as I do not want to bring D7100 since it will create distraction and the trip primary purpose is to enjoy the time (honeymoon trip sort of haha)

I have heard many good things about X70 but I am a bit concerned as a travel camera, I may miss the zoom range flexibility but I really like its size.

X70 should be great choice for the trip but OM-D can future proof more I think so that after the trip, I can still use it like a downsized DSLR, say if I go to some party or event.

What do you guys reckon? :):D Thanks.

30-04-2016, 5:30am
I have the EM 10 which I took on my NZ trip and loved it.The EM 10 MKII is $599 at JBHIFI and $995 at Harvey Norman

30-04-2016, 1:04pm
What about the other Fuji's? X-T1, X-T10 (X-T1 in a smaller package) or even the X100T which a lot of people love as a one camera travel camera.

Ross the fiddler
07-07-2016, 12:21am
What was the outcome here? Did you go for the OM-D E-M10 Mk II with the 14-42 EZ lens?