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01-12-2015, 11:08pm
Has anyone used this camera before? I've literally had this for years .. about 10yr. When I bought it forever ago, I was going overseas with my children and wanted a nice camera to take nice photos. Naturally all in auto because I didn't have a clue what I was doing .. barely know now.

My OMD E-M10 ... was dropped and now is in for repairs so I pulled out this camera thinking ... I should learn the old camera which is proving to be interesting .. so not user friendly in the menu department ... but I've been at this all night and thus far have it almost entirely ready to go .. but I can't for the love of all that is good ... find how to change it to shoot in RAW .. is there anyone out there who can possibly help?

Thank you in advance.

Mary Anne
02-12-2015, 12:43am
Sorry to read that you have dropped your newer camera..
Google or type into your search bar olympus e-300 manual I cannot get the link to work on here the pdf has over 200 pages happy reading

02-12-2015, 7:13am
It is called "Record Mode" on the E-300. This is the menu item where you set the image quality.

Also, as you have an E-300 and have upgraded, along with shooting RAW etc, we would no longer classify you as a beginner, so congratulations, we have upgraded you you intermediate level.

02-12-2015, 9:08pm
Thanks Mary Anne .. I'd looked up the manual last night ... mine is in a box .. 'somewhere' .. but it isn't overly clear ... or perhaps it is just me and instructions not being friends .. little bit of both I suspect.

Ricktas ... I could argue with you until I'm blue in the face in regards to the upgrade part, but I think I'd lose, so I'll say thank you.

In regards to the 'Record Mode' ... gah .. I went through each menu and couldn't find it, so then thought I'd do what I didn't do last night in my frustration, look to see what is in the menu areas that are icons and I 'think' I know what they relate to .. yeah, that will teach me for thinking, or trying to ... found it! So after a small victory dance, I now have this camera set up .. oh here I go again, I 'think' to how I wish for it to be and I also 'think' I can now drive it enough to make the changes I need when out shooting .. this weekend, though it is meant to be disgustingly hot here, perhaps a morning outing might be wise and test out this camera and see if I can truly bond with it while my other camera is off getting some love.

Thanks for all the help.