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08-08-2015, 12:44pm
Canvassing for ideas on dates and locations for the next Melbourne meetup plan.

Can be anywhere and any date.

I suppose we should plan for a long-ish gestation period for this one .. maybe into late Sept early Oct or something so that we can arrange a suitable date for as many members as possible.

lets hear you're individual thoughts.

Personally while I don't mind city meets, I much prefer more country oriented locations.
I realise this can be harder for many, but there are some exceptionally nice country towns/locations that could please many folks.

Just off the top of my head, I can think of Maldon and Castlemaine as to easily reached locations, about 1hr from the heart of the city(give or take a few minutes)
Alternatively something like a nice winery such as Tahbilk(just past Seymore, and before Nagambie) .. about 1 hour north of the city(all freeway).

(just some ideas .. not actual suggestions)

Of course city meets are much easier to arrange for a lot of people tho.

awaiting some of your thoughts .....

08-08-2015, 5:30pm
I like the "Out of City" idea.
* Puffy Billy chase
* Water falls
* Quirky Cafés
* Historic Buildings
* Panoramic Views
* Nature photography

Mind has gone blank

08-08-2015, 6:24pm
Since you mention quirky cafes .. on that topic The Cuckoo in the Dandenongs(Olinda) is about spot on as a location .. and then of course you get some interesting surrounds.

I know where you're coming from when you mention mind has gone blank too ..

I know I know of a zillion places that a lot of photographers would describe as ideal locations .. my current lack of functional grey matter has minimised my ability to recall any of them(other than the few brief one's I already have).

So then comes the topic of how far/long are folks willing to travel.
And arranging any car pooling, if needed.

- - - Updated - - -

Ah! two grey matter particles collided and came up with another result.

Walhalla! Eastern Vic, northern Gippsland!

Just north of Moe, so just over an hours drive from Melb.

My favourite town in Vic by a country mile(Maldon is #2).
Lots to see/do, and plenty of visually accommodating surrounds(if you ever try to leave Walhalla itself!)

08-08-2015, 6:34pm
Can't commit 100% at this stage, but if you guys are thinking of heading North outta the 'Big Smoke', I would give some real serious
thought to heading South from the Sunraysia area with thought of seeing/photographing something different (That's if us Country folk are welcome?) :D

I @ M
08-08-2015, 6:49pm
(That's if us Country folk are welcome?) :D

Nah mate, we aint, sadly the city members outweigh the country people and we are regarded much the same way as successive state governments view us, that is, out of the picture unless something dramatic happens that might impact on the surburbanites peace and tranquility in front of their netflix subscriptions and endless latte mugs on a Sunday morning.

But by the same token, that fuzzy headed AK83 seems to be hellbent on bringing a helluva lot of places in Vic under the Melbourne umbrella at the moment. Last time I drove to that smog bound hole the suburbs of Melbourne seem to start at about Warragul, so maybe the rapid expansion has the suburbs starting more than 100 klm from the GPO these days ------ :p

Tongue firmly in cheek.

08-08-2015, 9:22pm
I'm happy to travel. Something out of the CBD appeals to me. Also happy to car share if anyone needs.

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09-08-2015, 12:40am
thought to heading South from the Sunraysia area with thought of seeing/photographing something different (That's if us Country folk are welcome?) :D

geez! ... you're as much a country folk type as that incessant Andrew(I@M) is!

I was up that way at Easter time(Good Friday) and wasnt' sure which servo was going to be open for me to refuel to get myself home.
Was headed for Pink Lake and got to some fuel less town about 10 klms or so prior to Pink Lake.
Timing was nigh on perfect for sunset too .. but I had to turn back or risk having to sleep in the car that night.

Turns out that I needn't have worried as the servo at Ouyen was open till 10(so plenty of time up my sleeve) and the one at Charlton was open till 1AM.

What I worked out from that silly trip was that I really need to get the engine in my old hack rebuilt! :p

And I went to the pink lake in Port Melbourne with Geoff(sta) as a consolation prize a couple of months later.
Pink Lakes are pink lakes and it doesn't matter if they're in the outer Northwest Territories or under a horrid bridge amongst fowl smelling deposits of waste! :D

09-08-2015, 9:47am
I'd be interested in this meet, will keep an eye on this thread.

One Click
13-08-2015, 1:35pm
Hi, could be interested in this will keep a watch.

So as not to upset the country folk http://i223.photobucket.com/albums/dd270/iaandam/Smile/sSig_heeheehee.gif (http://s223.photobucket.com/user/iaandam/media/Smile/sSig_heeheehee.gif.html) how's about renaming to 'The next BIG Victorian meetup' could be a good excuse for a http://i223.photobucket.com/albums/dd270/iaandam/Smile/0665995001297682409.gif (http://s223.photobucket.com/user/iaandam/media/Smile/0665995001297682409.gif.html)

Anyone wanting to do a Friday night Docklands http://i223.photobucket.com/albums/dd270/iaandam/Smile/t9307.gif (http://s223.photobucket.com/user/iaandam/media/Smile/t9307.gif.html) there are 3 more to go. Add's a little color to the smog! http://i223.photobucket.com/albums/dd270/iaandam/Smile/animated-smileys-laughing-010.gif (http://s223.photobucket.com/user/iaandam/media/Smile/animated-smileys-laughing-010.gif.html)

13-08-2015, 8:34pm
I'm certainly up for another Friday night firework session.

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14-08-2015, 3:02pm
Hummm, Concrete V's Earth...Interesting. I'd like to experiment with water so any of these country venues with "falls" would be interesting. Any Saturday near the end of September would be just dandy.

18-09-2015, 9:00pm
I assume no meet has happened...
Can I propose Sat 26th Sep or Oct 10th (3rd being grand final day)?
I am happy to meet anywhere

19-09-2015, 8:49am
On my bucket list

19-09-2015, 11:02pm
26/9 and 10/10 is harder for me with the kids those weekends.
I could do 26/9 and just drag the lil tackers around till they drop to their knees with exhaustion after complaining they want to "go now" :rolleyes:

10/10 is out for me(kids, but they are back to their usual routine)

Otherwise 17/10 should be OK with me, if others are fine with that.

ps. I kind'a forgot about this thread a bit too. Had some issues over the past few weeks that diverted my attention a little.

21-09-2015, 9:14am
17th Oct fine with me.

21-09-2015, 9:34am

sounds good to me .. now we just need more members to join in.

What about a time? early start/late finish .. or both?
Sunrise and sunset for that day are 6:33 and 7:39 respectively .. so that gives us an idea of start/finish times as folks seem fit to join in.

21-09-2015, 9:55am
Dont's have any other plans so wont need to rush off this time.Happy to start with sunrise and see how the day pans out. I guess though it also depends on where we meet.
Can I throw Cranbourne Botanic Gardens into the list of possibilities.

21-09-2015, 10:07pm
The 17th of Oct works for me as well - the Cranbourne Botanical Gardens sounds like a great idea! What are the access hours kwaal?

I @ M
22-09-2015, 12:41am
Just as an aside ----- the 17th - 18th weekend is when the digital show is on at Jeff's Shed if anyone had been thinking of going to that event.

22-09-2015, 8:27am
That's a good point!

I can't remember how much it costs to get it, but I remember it wasn't all that cheap .. that is, to pay for the privilege to view lots of advertising!

It still sounds like something of interest to most of us tho.

22-09-2015, 1:44pm
The 17th of Oct works for me as well - the Cranbourne Botanical Gardens sounds like a great idea! What are the access hours @kwaal (http://www.ausphotography.net.au/forum/member.php?u=21223)?

The gardens are open 9am - 5pm. Could always meet for sunrise down the beach?
I probably wont go to the digital show but we can make the meet for the week after if that suits.

I @ M
23-09-2015, 5:53pm
I can't remember how much it costs to get it, but I remember it wasn't all that cheap .. that is, to pay for the privilege to view lots of advertising!

From the emails I received it costs $15.00 if you buy a ticket on line and $29.95 at the door. As you so rightly observe Arthur, tis a rude amount to charge people to view advertising.

23-09-2015, 10:53pm
Actually! ... 17/10 is not a good date for me.
Due to a recent family event, that weekend is currently reserved for a memorial.

Therefore for myself, I can do something like 31 Oct (so far that I can see into the future).

24-09-2015, 1:40pm
31st Oct is fine for me.

05-10-2015, 12:30pm
I'll be going to the Digital Show on the 17th, but 31st sounds like a possibility. Might have to Google Maps where Cranbourne is :nod:

21-10-2015, 12:37am
"Bump" 10 days to go

23-10-2015, 7:44am
If I'm not working, I'll be there too.
Have always wanted to check those gardens out too.

- - - Updated - - -

..... Might have to Google Maps where Cranbourne is :nod:

It's very close to Bruthen and Marlo! :p

23-10-2015, 8:30am
Hi all, can I get a re cap on the place & time pls.

23-10-2015, 12:21pm
The botanical gardens at Cranbourne.
From what I remember of the place it's a native only variant of the RBG in the shity.

We're hoping for the Sat 31st Oct at a time yet to be decided(properly) .. but we gotta work out what time they open too.

Cnr Ballarto Road and Botanic Drive (off South Gippsland Fwy), Cranbourne, 3977.

Open: 9am – 5pm, every day (Closed Christmas Day). Entry to Cranbourne Gardens is free.
Please leave your dog and other pets at home to protect our local wildlife.

It's easy get too. As I see it Filter .. you're barely 20mins or so away.

30-10-2015, 8:45pm
Is it safe to assume that this meet is not going ahead, no confirmed time or meeting place. I see these are huge gardens with several access points. I will watch this thread for a couple more hours.....

31-10-2015, 4:32am
I can't make it .. just got a msg to work today. :(