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18-07-2015, 1:45pm
As I sit here with a lousy cold and eagerly awaiting the arrival of my brand new Pentax 20-40mm Ltd WR lens (probably on Monday) I am wondering which lenses other Pentaxians consider their favourites.

So far, I like my 12-24 for landscapes, and have got some nice shots with my Tamron 90mm Macro.

I am realising that good glass really does make a difference, so I've bought the 20-40 as a walk-round lens as it is a zoom, a Ltd lens, and water resistant.

What are your experiences/favourites?

18-07-2015, 1:52pm
No idea! - But...
Get well soon!:p

18-07-2015, 2:41pm
Well, I don't have any Pentax lenses, so maybe I shouldn't add my two bob's worth...but I do have some Sigma lenses for my Pentax camiras, and my favourite is the 24-70 f2.8.


18-07-2015, 3:04pm
Well, I don't have any Pentax lenses, so maybe I shouldn't add my two bob's worth...but I do have some Sigma lenses for my Pentax camiras, and my favourite is the 24-70 f2.8.


Why? Love to hear about its strengths.

Can be Pentax or third party.

19-07-2015, 10:19am
Why? Love to hear about its strengths.

Can be Pentax or third party.

Why? Well the Sigma 24-70 f2.8 has a good fixed max aperture, which allows flexibility in exposure settings in situations where my 18-200 f3.5-6.3 doesn't.


23-07-2015, 8:51pm
I have a number of Pentax lenses, however the most used over the past 2 years is the 17-70 Sigma, I have the Sigma 50-150 and struggled to get sharp photos in the past until I sold my K5 and now on the K3 it seems very sharp and the lens is a beautifully made EX. I love the bokeh the Pentax K 55 1.8 produces.

Lance B
23-07-2015, 9:19pm
I used to have Pentax lenses up to May 2010, but converted to Nikon. My favourite Pentax lenses were:

FA*80-200 f2.8
FA77 f1.8 Limited
FA43 f1.9 Limited
FA*28-70 f2.8

These are the Pentax lenses I had at some stage or the other, I had most of them until I sold them to fund my move to Nikon. My rating for overall IQ and build quality * = rubbish - ** = OK not great - *** = average - **** = excellent - ***** = superb:
FA16 f2.8 Fisheye - ****
DA 14 f2.8 - ****
DA15 f4 Limited - ****
FA20 f2.8 - ****
A28 f2.8 - ***
FA31 F1.8 Limited - ****
DA35 f2.8 Limited Macro - ****
FA43 f1.9 Limited - ****1/2
A50 f1.2 - ***1/2
A50 f1.4 - ***
FA 50 f1.4 ***1/2
DA* 55 f1.4 - ****
A100 f2.8 Macro - ****
A100 f2.8 (non macro) - ***1/2
F100 f2.8 Macro - ****
FA100 f2.8 Macro - ****
DA100 f2.8 Macro - ****
A135 f2.8 - ***
FA135 f2.8 - ****
A*200 f2.8 - ****1/2

A*300 f4 - ****
F*300 f4.5 - ****
FA*300 f4.5 - ****
DA*300 f4 - ****

DA10-17 Fisheye zoom - ***1/2
DA16-45 f4 - ****
FA*28-70 f2.8 - ****
F28-80 f3.5-4.5 - **
A35-105 f3.5 - ****
DA*50-135 f2.8 - ****
DA*60-250 f4 ****
FA*80-200 f2.8 - ****1/2
F100-300 f4.5-5.6 - **

I think this just about covers it. :D

23-07-2015, 10:35pm
Impressive list there, Lance. I'm slowly building up a smaller kit of decent lenses.
So far: FA 35 f2, FA 50 f1.7, FA 100 f2.8 macro, Sigma 10-20 f3.5, Sigma 17-70 DC, Sigma 70-200 f2.8 APO, and a few manual focus 50's. M-50 f1.7, A-50 f1.7 (faulty), M-50-f2, and Super Tak 55 f1.8 (M42).
Of those, the 70-200 and FA 35 and 50 get some use. The Sig 17-70 is a good walk around too. I went through a macro phase, so the FA100 got a workout.
All good lenses, and I'm happy with the kit as-is, but no doubt I'll see a great photo on the net somewhere, taken by the lens I don't have, and that will be the next one I "need".


24-07-2015, 2:50pm
My most used is the sigma 17-70 but my favorite is the DA 300, even with a 1.7 or 1.4 converter attached.would like to replace the ageing sigma with the pentax 16-85

24-07-2015, 6:05pm
WOW, that was a list, Lance! Thanks for sharing your addiction and your ratings - wish I'd been around when you were moving them on!

Thanks to everyone else too - it is really interesting to see what people's favourites are.

So far, mine is the DA 12-24, but I think it is about to be usurped by the 20-40 Ltd WR I got last week as I like to wander around in the rain, and the new lens is sharp, wr, focuses quickly and quietly and has lovely colours.

My Tamron 90mm Macro is an excellent lens....but it hunts even with the limiter on, so I use it mainly in manual now.

The HD DA 55-300 WR will be my bird lens and seems to get some nice shots, but with my arthritis I find I really do need to use a monopod or tripod with it so have to think about what I take rather than just grab camera and lens.

I love my little DA 40mm Ltd simply because it is tiny and sharp and the colours and bokeh are lovely.

There are a couple of 50mm (one manual, one 1.7) I picked up second hand for next to nothing but haven't really used yet....and I have the 18-135 wr kit lens....it comes in handy.

I actually thought I had a case of LBA, but see now that I really have been very conservative!!!

Keep your lens comments coming!

My wished-for lens is a DA* 60-250, but I suspect I might find it a bit big and heavy...perhaps I'll llook at some of the FAs.

Not being able to walk into a shop and see/hold the lenses makes it tough to decide at time and hearing other people's opinions is interesting.


Lance B
25-07-2015, 3:39pm
Actually, I forgot, I had the DA12-24 and the DA17-70 f4 as well! :Doh:

DA12-24 f4 - ****
DA17-70 f4 - ***

04-08-2015, 7:00pm
Not sure if I am allowed to share this info (mods delete if not appropriate) but...

dcexpert has a HD DA 35mm Ltd Macro for $499. That's a very good price, especially given it's not grey import and comes with 2 years warranty.

I have had very positive experiences with this seller. There were 2...I got one, and now there is one.