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28-06-2015, 3:08am
Ive been playing with view nx2 but unfortunately cant get the photo point utility to load automatically.

I have also been searching through the software threads and feel that lightroom would be a better option for me. I know I could persue the utility for nx2 but as i was pondering through it it all seemed quite easy to navigate. Therefore i think id prefer to spend the time navigating and concentrating on lightroom considering my enthusiasm to to grasp my photo editing skills.

Can anyone advise a good website to purchase and download lightroom which has good support if required and obviously credited in the industry. I havent been able to play around with any versions as i dont want to cloud my pics. Lightroom 6 and a copy of Scott Kelbys book is in my opinion tbe best way to go.

Feel free to add your thoughts on this issue as i may be missing other opportunities.



28-06-2015, 8:09am
9.99 per month for lightroom and photochop through adobe cloud

Mary Anne
28-06-2015, 10:13am
There are plenty of Forums to help you just Google *Lightroom Forums* if you decide to buy LR6.
I have LR5 and Scot Kelby book.. There are heaps of Tutorials for LR6 on Youtube > https://www.youtube.com/results?search_query=lightroom+6+

28-06-2015, 2:47pm
Ive been playing with view nx2 but unfortunately cant get the photo point utility to load automatically.


I'm not entirely sure what you mean by this part Smooth.

photo point utility ?? :confused013

Depending on the camera model you currently have, your workflow needs, and any potential future camera upgrade desires .. I'm not recommending for any Nikon folks to stick with VNX2.

Nikon no longer update support for it. They have changed their software philosophies recently, and VXN2 is one of the resultant casualties.

I'm saying that tho, I still use it 99.99999% of the time for my photos, so if all you want to do is use it on the files you currently get from your current gear .. reply back with a bit more detail on exactly what the issue you're having is.

I can only guess at what your issue is with this (unknown to me) photo point utility, but that would just waste time.

FWIW: **heavily dependent on what your needs are**
I also have Lr(version 4 that I purchased ... v5.7 that I've trialled) .. and for 99% of the time I don't mind it.
My issue is tho, that the minuscule 1% negative impact that Lr enforces, totals 99% of the user freindliness of the overall experience(for me).
Obviously many folks don't have any issues with Lr's forced cataloging(ie. importing) interface.
I can't stand it .. and it's predominantly for this reason that I can't use it.

... anyhow, if you need some assistance with VNX2, just shoot back a reply.

28-06-2015, 3:14pm
In my opinion, you can't go past Adobe Creative Cloud for $9.99 per month. You will always have the latest versions of Lightroom, Bridge and Photoshop. Plus you get a few gimmicky apps for your smartphone, which I don't use.

I find that I don't use Lightroom that much because I prefer using the Camera Raw filter in Photoshop. I use Bridge to download and catalogue rather than Lightroom. Just a personal preference. And no, you don't need to store your photos in the Cloud. You can save them straight to your hard drive or whatever other media storage device you like.

Just Google Adobe Creative Cloud.

28-06-2015, 10:09pm
Thanks for that arthurking83. It was on the points you have mentioned in previous threads (which i did read) that i actually decided to give it a try. Appologies for my lack of input re my nx2 issues but as i work nights i decided to throw this out there on my mobile. Im at work now fyi so i dont have my pc to provide clearer input. I have a d7000 and re downloaded the updated software to try and resolve the issue. I jumped on you tube and had a play and felt confident moving forward until i had the problem. The fact that Nikon no longer update this program (if I read that properly from your previous points) made me decide to invest my time studying a program i can get support for. IMHO I really like nx2 but cant come to grips researching and studying a program that will not keep up with change.

Ill give it another try in the meantime and if I have no luck I may take you up on your offer of assistance

Please dont think im trying to make a qualified statement because im not. I have very little knowledge of photography let alone software. But IMHO If Nikon supported their software then it would be different.

Appreciate your input and thanks.

- - - Updated - - -

Thank you all for your feedback. In some way I was wondering if tbe $9.99 was the norm for photographers. A few of the forums I have visited and you tube tutorials (thank you Mary Anne) seem to be smothered with the cost of upgrades vs the annual fee. To me its simply personal choice.

But Lightroom will be my new challenge.

Hopefully ill gain the confidence to put a few pics up in the not too distant future.

Thanks again. Very much appreciated.