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20-05-2015, 8:51pm
It has been a while since someone has asked a question about underwater photography point and shoots. Technology may have come ahead leaps and bounds. So, here goes:

We have booked two weeks holidays on Maui in October. (Yeah. I hear you. Tough gig and all that...) Anyway, despite the fact that I am prepared to shell out a couple of grand on airfares for the two of us, and another couple on accommodation, deep down, I am the ultimate tight-arse. For example, the resort that I am staying in has barbeque facilities. That is a saving, right there!

Anyway, we are staying right upon some of Maui's finest snorkelling reefs. The shop in our resort hires out underwater cameras of an unknown quality for $USD50 per week. That is about $AUD66 per week or $AUD133 for my entire stay.

I have had a look on the web and you can buy an Olympus TG-850 for about $AUD230, which seems like a much better buy. I get a new camera to fiddle with for the next few months.

Just wondered if anyone had experience with this camera and additionally if anyone had a better suggestion? I will also take my Nikon D5100 for more serious compositions.

Nick Cliff
20-05-2015, 9:18pm
Hawthy the Olympus TG-2 my daughter uses is a good underwater camera and may be cheaper second hand now.If curious I have a Barrier reef album on Flickr with photos taken by my daughter with this camera, type in nickhcliff should find the album, regards Nick.

20-05-2015, 9:28pm
Thanks Nick. They are really nice photos. The TG-2 seems like a great waterproof camera. Thanks for the help.