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11-04-2015, 9:42am
I have a Pentax K30 and have noticed recently that there have been several firmware updates for this camera since I purchased it.
My question is do I have to load each update in order or can i just load the latest?


11-04-2015, 10:18am
Hello Chris,
I believe a firmware update is a complete copy of the firmware, so should overwrite all of the installed firmware, hence it should not matter what version you currently have installed...in fact you should be able to install an older/previous version if that was needed for whatever reason.
I have checked the Pentax site re the K-30 firmware http://www.ricoh-imaging.co.jp/english/support/digital/k-30_s.html and reviewed the destructions, and I do not see any advice regarding the need to install sequential updates, although domestic blindness has been observed on the odd occasion.
I guess from your point of view it would be nice to have this confirmed, but I wouldn't have any concerns about installing the latest. It is a pretty simple operation, if you follow the destructions.


11-04-2015, 1:46pm
The latest firmware has all the changes that came with previous updates. Firmware updates are actual complete firmware, not like 'updates' as such, but more complete new versions. So just load the most recent one.

11-04-2015, 8:31pm
I have seen the occasional firmware update that required a minimum firmware revision before applying, so if you were lower than that you had to upgrade to the minimum required first. But this was because that minimum revision introduced some major data structure change, and the later firmware update had dropped support for migrating data/settings from the older revisions. So always best to review installation instructions as anything like this will ALWAYS be documented.

However, I've only ever seen this type of issue on computer firmware, but then again, I've only ever upgraded the firmware on 2 cameras, and cameras don't seem to have anywhere as many firmware updates as the computers I've used over the years.

11-04-2015, 8:34pm
Just load the latest, it contains all previous fixes as documented on the site

Follow the instructions exactly and be patient as it takes a few minutes to update

30-10-2016, 10:21am
Finally got around to updating to latest firmware available for K30 (1.06) near the beginning of the year 2016. No problems until recently, now for no reason at all the camera suddenly shuts down, a few on/off flicks and works again. This has been going on over past month or so; also when I change batteries I have to reset the time and date. Now I have a small black line down the display!!

Any one have similar problems or know the cure. (except for sending for repair)


30-10-2016, 10:37am
That sounds like a hardware fault.

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30-10-2016, 4:03pm
It does sound like a hardware problem, but it might be worth raising the issue on Pentax Forums, as if it is a known issue someone there will be able to tell you about it.