View Full Version : White Nights Melbourne 21-02-15

04-02-2015, 8:03pm
Heard on the radio that this event is happening on Saturday 21-02-15.

This arts/culture/hippy/bohemian thing is apparently quite huuuge in terms of turnout.
Turns an already overcrowded cesspool, into a non stop 24 hour overcrowded cesspool ... but it could still be worthwhile to check it out if any night owls out there are interested in a meetup(of sorts).

Here's the WhiteNightMelb (http://whitenightmelbourne.com.au/events/) webpage for more info.

NOTE!!! the event is from 7PM to 7AM so is a late night thingamedoodle.
If we make it into a bit of a meetup we don't have to stay up and out all night of course .. folks can simply come and go if a group forms as they please.

I'm definitely interested in checking it out myself tho.

16-02-2015, 10:50pm
Hey arthur, this looks like a huge event, are you targeting any particular section?

16-02-2015, 11:44pm

I was just going to wander about aimlessly and see what was happening.

19-02-2015, 7:12pm
I was just going to wander about aimlessly and see what was happening.

If it's anything like last year you won't be wandering more than 25 cm in any given direction! I didn't go, but from all reports it was so tightly packed that no-one could move. Just as well no-one created a sense of panic ... so don't fart while you're there! :lol:

20-02-2015, 1:54pm
Heard the promo's on the radio this morning, it says come & stroll the sites, bring your camera. One of the radio hosts suggested to go after midnight, it's too crazy earlier. From what bobt is saying there is no room to set up a tripod...lol.