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13-09-2014, 12:30am
Good evening everyone,

Since getting the Sony HXRMC1500 for video, the 550D has primarily been for still shots only, It is however quite handy every now and then to capture video on it as the Sony is quite bulky, and not all that portable considering its massive tripod, bag and accessories when shooting on the move

There is from what I believe a mono-mic in the 550D. It's quite limiting and quality is extremely poor. Here is a demonstration video I have taken of a Train at Whiteman Park in W.A. (Rosalie 220HP GM 6) and 6 WAGR AD coaches - now running for recreational and historic duties. You can particularly hear at the beginning the crossing bells interfering with the shunting horn (soft horn).


I haven't done too much research into this, But I am looking for a suitable lightweight replacement microphone that should sit comfortably on the cold shoe of the flash . I did look into the Rode Stereo Videomic but for its avg retail of about 330 AU, it's more than half of the cost of the camera!

Can anyone suggest a decent microphone without breaking the bank?


14-09-2014, 4:49pm
You can get a Rode cheaper - http://www.videopro.com.au/p-6227-rode-videomic-pro-microphone.aspx?utm_source=google-products&utm_medium=google&utm_campaign=google-products&utm_source=EbayNetwork&utm_medium=CPC&utm_campaign=Shopping

or look at http://www.hypop.com.au/microphones/aputure-shotgun-microphone-v-mic-d1.html