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07-09-2014, 3:39pm
I'd like to set up my Oly EM1 with back button focus.
Ideally I want focus lock on one button (AEL/AFL) and exposure lock on another (Fn2)
I can assign back button focus to the AEL/AFL ( or any other button) quite easily but the problem is I can't separate the functions of AFL and AEL.
This is a real drag as I use the lock exposure button all the time. I can have one or the other by the look of things.
I can't believe such an incredibly customisable camera with so many programmable buttons won't do this.
Has anyone worked this out?

07-09-2014, 6:34pm
Does this work?

07-09-2014, 6:53pm
Thanks for that, I'll check it out later.
I think its the same problem though, it allows you to use a back button to focus but doesn't let you have an exposure lock as well. Its one or the other.

07-09-2014, 7:21pm
I also found this...maybe it will help?????

The following instructions will allow the camera to focus lock with the shutter in Lever Position #1, or focus lock when the AEL/AFL button is in Lever Position #2.

Set Custom Menu A / AF Mode to STILL PICTURE...S-AF+MF

Set Custom Menu A / AEL/AFL to S-AF... Mode 1

Set Custom Menu A / AEL/AFL to MF... Mode 3

Set Custom Menu B LEVER FUNCTION to Mode 5

Now with the rear lever in Position #1 (up) the shutter button locks focus and the AEL/AFL button locks exposure.

In Position #2 (down) the shutter release locks exposure on a half press but not the focus point. The AEL/AFL button locks focus.

07-09-2014, 7:58pm
Yes thanks, that works. But it still depends on shutter for locking exposure. What I really want is a button for exposure lock and a button for focus lock - with the shutter button cut out for everything but shutter release. You get this feature on the higher end canons and Nikons.
I have asked Olympus but haven't heard back yet. I don't think its possible. Maybe they will fix this with a future firmware upgrade.

08-09-2014, 10:42am
I've found a way round this which sort of gives me a 2 button separation of focus and exposure locks.
Set AEL/AFL to exposure lock - as usual.
Set Fn2 (or any other button) for manual focus. Autofocus with shutter, then lock it using Fn2

It still requires you to set focus with the shutter and then lock it by going manual - not idea, but it's okay.
it would be good if Olympus could fix this with a firmware upgrade. There doesn't seem to be much comment on the forums about it so maybe most people don't think its an issue.

09-09-2014, 2:09pm
I asked Olympus about this.
Their reply:

"I've spoken with our Product Training manager to see whether we could figure something out for you. Unfortunately you can't separate the functions. You can assign the AEL/AFL function to a different button entirelybut not separate them."