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01-09-2014, 9:56pm
Yep, finally taking a step into the macro world, finally... Always wanted to do macro, love it, now I can finally do something.

I wish I could afford that 100mm one, but nonetheless, the 30mm will be sufficient for digitalising our old film photos.

Will hopefully get some time to do some other shots here and there too, and post a mini review of sort. :)

02-09-2014, 12:47am
hey David .. as a recommendation, I'd say wait a moment.

I'm not sure how much this particular lens costs, but if it's close in price to something like a Tamron 90mm f/2.8 .. I'd say get the Tammy lens!
I don't know what setup you have in mind for your film to digital job, so discounting that for a moment, 30mm for a close up lens will soon show you the shortcomings that focal length will present.

That is, the short focal length will require that you'll have to get close to your subject, and the main issue with that is shading the subject you're trying to capture.

For something like copy work(which your film to digital job basically is, it's not an issue as you'll most likely have it backlit or something anyhow(it's film .. it needs to be backlit!)
But if you want to subsequently use this macro lens for other stuff once the film capture routine is over and done with, you'll find that 30mm is a bit short for a lot of situations.

As a guide, a Tammy 90/2.8(non VC version) usually sells for approx $300-ish .. and a great lens to boot.

The only issue with this suggestion is in not knowing how you're going to capture your old films onto digital(ie. what gear you have planned for this job).
Depending on how you set this job up, the longer focal length of the Tammy may be a hindrance.

02-09-2014, 1:14am
I can't find the link in DigitalRev TV now, but it's when Kai is racing against the printing shop to digitalise their films.

Basically, I'll have backlight, so that's all good. I just need something where I can get a good close up high quality shot of the film :)

The 30mm I purchased is half the price of the Tamron, $149. True, I would love to have the Tamron one, knowing that it exists, but even so, my budget doesn't allow me at this point in time, so it's a future lens (when I actually have a job).

So for the temporary work, the 30mm will do. With spring and summer coming along, fingers crossed I'll be fortunate enough to work with the 30mm :)

If need be, I can always work some extra light into it :P

The Tamron 90mm is one to keep in mind though - something to consider against the Sony 100mm (Sony is a little more expensive, but could be worth it, maybe not).

Thank you :)

02-09-2014, 10:09am

So for the temporary work, the 30mm will do. .....


..... and if you need any help with it at all, just let me know.

02-09-2014, 12:49pm
Will do :)

It's going to be awesome going through some of my old family photos and digitalising them. :D