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20-07-2014, 7:53pm
Hey all.

I'm from Warnbro near Rockingham and would really like to catch up with others from the area or within about an Hrs drive. Who would like to take photo's together to advance our own understandings and techniques. I'm still fairly new at it all but very much into Astrophotography, landscapes and pano, also slowly getting into portrait. I'm looking to learn and teach others what I know.

Looking forward to hearing from you.

27-07-2014, 8:00am
Hello Shotquota,

I have a similar request, but am in Sydney!



31-07-2014, 1:06am
I'm about an hour north of you in Yokine.
Happy to meet somewhere in the middle, time allowing.
PM me and I'll give you contact details.

Mark L
31-07-2014, 10:15pm
I have a similar request, but am in Sydney!

So post that request in the NSW section.;)
If ever you come to Mudgee, PM me and we can get together.