View Full Version : Request for advice on whale watching trip from Redcliffe (Brisbane)

30-06-2014, 8:54am
Hi there!

We are thinking of heading out on a whale watching trip from Redcliffe, with Brisbane Whale Watching, on their catamaran ‘Eye Spy’ (http://www.brisbanewhalewatching.com.au/our-cruises/travel-in-style/)one day in July.:)

Just wondering if anyone can offer some advice on the best location for photography on this vessel. Acknowledging there are a number of variables, such a 3 decks, fore, aft, port, starboard positions, number of passengers, whale appearance (or not!) and their positions, etc. has anyone got any advice/recommendations on say, which deck to shoot from?

The most obvious seems the top deck, but looking at a photo of the vessel (http://www.brisbanewhalewatching.com.au/our-cruises/travel-in-style/), if the whales are very close, then the view could be blocked by the superstructure, crowds below, etc.:confused013

Any advice or comments on your own experience would be greatly appreciated.:)

In terms of equipment (Canon 7D with 70-200 F4L) and settings, I was thinking along the lines of ISO 400, F8 at 1/1600 sec as a starting point. I may take the EOS-M for close ups if the whales cooperate.



Mark L
01-07-2014, 10:09pm
To state what you already know. If it's a rough day on the high seas, then the top deck may add to camera movement. Though it would give a better perspective of the whales.
Getting down lower would work if the whales actually came close (will they?).
Check out the fastest route between the top and lowest deck.:)

02-07-2014, 5:46am
Check out the fastest route between the top and lowest deck.:)

Great advice Mark - thanks for that, something to do on the way out.:th3: