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13-06-2014, 5:55am
Hi All,
Just curious if there are any Mackay locals on here as I am going to be in Mackay next month for work, and obviously taking along my camera. I would appreciate if I could get some heads up on good locations around the area for photos please. Not sure if I will have a set of wheels at this stage, but that can change.

Thank in advance

24-06-2014, 7:41pm
Eungella is about an hour or so west and is a nice area with national parks and some farming area's.
Eungella is where you can see the platypus fairly easily. We saw 3 in one pool at the same time. There is a gorge on the north side before you get to Eungella but its name escapes me at the moment.
There are some nice river and coastal area's in Mackay itself.
I hope this helps and you get no rain. I've been 3 times and had rain each time.

Lesley Bray
28-06-2014, 5:32am
I don't know what interests you but Mackay has beautiful Botanical Gardens that are worth a visit.

28-06-2014, 3:37pm
Finch Hatton Gorge is the gorge north of Eungella. There are some beautiful sights around Mackay. Kinchant Dam is a good place for a sunset if you get there, it's just out of Walkerston ( If you get there, say hi to Laurie and Donna, tell them Kirsty sent you ;) .. they're my Uncle and Aunt) ..
you MUST try and get to Pinnacle for lunch at the pub, BEST pies in Australia.. seriously. ;)

10-07-2014, 6:15am
Thanks guys, will take note of these places and try and get to them when I get spare time while there. MY only issue is transport at this stage, but I will definitely try to get out and about.