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09-06-2014, 6:09pm
So after a long time away from photography as a result of losing all my previous gear I think I have made a decision on the first camera that will see me make a return to photography.

I have been reading and watching a bunch of reviews on Fuji's new offering the X-T1 and there doesn't seem to be much not to like about this camera. While I still love Canon gear and have a desire to replace my 5D, I am drawn to the X-T1 by its gorgeous styling, visual control and price point for the included features and quality. Seems like an immersive way to return to taking photos to experience a new found love for the art form that will drive photography fundamentals. I am looking forward to using this camera on the street and as a great travel companion that will fill most purposes when dragging out heavier DSLR gear is impractical or obstructive.

Thinking about lenses I have thought about the following...

First lens I have my eye on is the XF27mm F2.8 (41mm). Compact and unintrusive for street photography.
Second lens being a XF56mm F1.2 R (85mm) for portraits.
Possibility a XF23mm F1.4 R for low light wide angle requirements.
And finally the XF16-55mm F2.8 R OIS WR (27-84mm) supposedly coming some time this year looks like a great general purpose zoom.

I don't really feel like I need a telephoto lens for this camera.

Would love to hear from anyone else that already owns a X-T1 (or doesn't but also likes the camera and are thinking about making a purchase) and any of these lenses. I know you will already undoubtedly love the camera so am more interested in your personal experience with it along with any tips and or advice that you may be able to offer on things that could be done differently from your own purchase.


I @ M
09-06-2014, 7:39pm
I don't think that anyone on the forum owns an X-T1 as I generally take note of Fuji gear being used.
Some however may be considering that model and hopefully they will reply.
From my point of view, the body and lenses you have highlighted are excellent choices going by everything I have seen on the 'net.
As a Fuji X100s owner ( love it :) ) I will pass on that if you do buy a Fuji X Trans sensor body you will have to be prepared to utilise good software for processing Fuji raw files. At the moment Photo Ninja seems to be the best option with Apple based software being very good as well. Adobe aren't quite there yet with raw conversions.

10-06-2014, 3:12pm
Thanks for your reply Andrew,
Wow, no one here at all owns one. Are photographers not that excited about it here?

Been looking more at the lens road map again and the wide angle prime coming later this year is rumored to be a 16mm F1.4 (24mm) so am thinking that may be a better choice than the 23mm F1.4 (35mm).

I have read about issues with RAW processing but thought it was just Lightroom lagging behind with support for the X-T1. I do see as of LR 5.4 they have now added RAW support for the X-T1.
I do use Photoshop and Lightroom CC, is it not enough that even though Adobe support the RAW files from the X-T1 that their processing is still inferior?

Have not used Photo Ninja before, surely if their processing is decent Adobe is not far behind?

be prepared to utilise good software for processing Fuji raw files
Are you suggesting that Adobe are not "good"?

I @ M
10-06-2014, 3:45pm
Steve, I think in general the takeup of the X-T1 in Australia has been slow. I don't think it is just that AP members aren't buying it.

Most certainly if I was in the market for an APSC camera / system I would be paying a LOT of attention to that model. I haven't seen anything written about it that suggests anything other than great images and from what I have seen of shots with the 56mm lens it will rival just about anything on the market at present I feel.
The above is one reason that I bought the X100s, I can't be tempted by lenses which leaves the wallet healthy and SWMBO happy. :D

Processing has been a much 'net debated topic and from all examples that I have seen adobe still haven't got the initial demosaicing process down pat with the X Trans sensors whilst the likes of Irident and photo ninja have.
I am not saying that adobe software is bad as such, merely that they aren't the best for that particular sensor being used in the various Fuji models.
I don't use any adobe products ( and have no need to in the foreseeable future ) because the alternatives that work for me are significantly cheaper and work just as well ( IMHO ) particularly photo ninja for the Fuji files.
I guess adobe will get it right one day but at the moment there are still plenty of examples around where they haven't. The problem with the adobe conversion seems to rear it's ugly head is in areas of foliage or repeating pattern elements of an image that are well in the background of said image and they can come up as smeared when processed through adobe. Many people ( seemingly all adobe users ) started a campaign of hatred against Fuji and the sensor "issues" a while ago. Thankfully they seem to have shut up now that there are plenty of examples of clean picture posted that have been processed with irident or photo ninja.

Apart from which, I find myself constantly using JPEG with the X100s because it is simply great at what it does. I have the base iso set at 800, usually auto white balance, highlight protection at -2, shadow protection at 0, sharpening set at normal, the built in ND filter assigned to the function button for when fast apertures and strong light are too much and utilise the built in flash for extremely accurate fill in harsh conditions.

Here's a quick example of the above settings.

JPEG from the camera .
F/4 1/1100, iso 800 auto WB and the flash bringing up shadow detail in a cop bike. :D


10-06-2014, 5:21pm
"Would love to hear from anyone else that already owns a X-T1 (or doesn't but also likes the camera and are thinking about making a purchase) "
I have no experience with this camera as yet, but have read several reviews, and am considering it ( like you ) as a travel camera and a ' street ' camera, when I don't wish to take my other camera and lenses. Will be interested to read of your ( and other's ) impressions of it.

11-06-2014, 7:20pm
I've commented elsewhere but I was a fence sitter between m43 and Fuji X before.
If I'm buying today the decision would have been made much harder with the arrival of the X-T1 since the lens roadmap has matured more and the X-T1 suits my needs better than previous Fuji X offerings.
Amongst the goodies important to me are the body feel, EVF being on the lens axis as well as being as good/better than any current offering (though still not as good as a good OVF IMO).

I'm sure you've read a lot of reviews already but here's a newly published one from a well regarded author:

To be very honest, these days we're really quite spoilt for choices and its hard to make a wrong decision. Its a question of whether any camera/system is more right for us.

11-06-2014, 9:34pm
I think in general the takeup of the X-T1 in Australia has been slow. I don't think it is just that AP members aren't buying it.
Hmmm, interesting. Why do you think that is Andrew? Am I missing something about the camera? Is it perhaps the X-Trans processing issues?

Indeed in regards to the lenses... I do like the look of the X100s but think I would miss some of the versatility that the X-T1 offers. Still that's where good research pays off in saving you money on having many multiples of lenses. The 16mm F1.4 (24mm) has definitely replaced the 23mm F1.4 (35mm) im my mind now. Been having another look again and I think the 50-140mm F2.8 (75-210mm) would be a better choice over the 16-55mm F2.8 (24-84mm). I know I said I didn't think I would need a telephoto for this camera but it seems like a better focal range choice when I will already have the wide end covered with primes which is my first priority. Still it's not due out until after the the 16mm F1.4 (24mm) so anything could happen before then.

I have been reading a lot more on the X-Trans processing issues and some seem to think it's a negligible issue now where Adobe products are concerned, however still present no matter how small. Still this is not a new issue related to the X-T1 and goes back to the first release X-Trans sensor a couple of years ago. The fact that this still hasn't been worked out yet is somewhat concerning... I am guessing it is possible to do possessing in say something like Photo Ninja and then import to a LR library system? The question is how long before one gets tired of the increased step workflow?

Thanks for your input swifty. That's a review I haven't seen yet so I will indeed check that one out. Yes we are spoilt for choice and it does make the decision making process harder. But as you say the by product of being spoilt is that we easily forget that no mater what we end up choosing will be in most cases, amazing and that it's the images we capture with the tools that is most important.

On another note, have you seen the new rumors in the last few days about a X-T1b model expected to be announced later this month? It's believed to address light leak issues, the spongy feeling D-Pad and have an even better EVF!

11-06-2014, 11:00pm
Hmmm, interesting. Why do you think that is Andrew? .....

General market downturn conditions. Market saturation, too little too late .. etc.

I think that the market for higher end feature rich camera gear is basically saturated.

How many people that bought the likes of a D800, 5DMkIII, Olympus Em whatever .. Fuji X-Pro 1 etc .. need to update their camera they just purchased in the preceding 3-1 years?

Also price.

The X-Pro1 is supposed to be Fuji's top of the line camera model/body .. and yet the XT-1 sells for a bit more than this model?
Does that mean that the XT-1 is the Fuji top model?

Basically price(we always want it cheaper), model improvements, stiff competition(Sony, Olympus) .. have all conspired to quell the rush to get this camera.
I don't think the light leak issue has had impact on its sales.

But really, who knows why.

The enthusiast isn't a bottomless bag of money. While many have access to considerable funds, and will still spend when all sense would dictate for them not too .. they still have the capacity to think pretty much with a level head.

There may be a few out there that have contemplated the move too, update too, or additional alternative of a camera like the XT-1, but I'm just thinking that this market has shrunk to the point where very few of these enthusiasts are left.

I think I'm sure that there are a few enthusiasts here on AP with a dual model camera collection.

Could be a Canon/Fuji or Nikon/Olympus, or Pentax/Sony dual camera and format collection .. but this group have already invested in one way or another.
Even any folks already in the Fuji X-Trans system have probably only just spent a considerable amount on Fuji gear in the last couple of years ... they probably don't have those bottomless bags of money referred too previously.

I @ M
12-06-2014, 9:11am
I reckon Swifty and AK83 have summed it up Steve. Too many great choices / market saturation / sales down overall in this large country with a small camera buying population.

On another note, have you seen the new rumors in the last few days about a X-T1b model expected to be announced later this month? It's believed to address light leak issues, the spongy feeling D-Pad and have an even better EVF!

I don't look at many rumours, I prefer to read about real things. As for the light leak NON issue, It seems to have satisfactorily been dealt with in production already and the button size / tactility seems to be very much something that many don't care about or have learned to live with.

old dog
12-06-2014, 8:53pm
hi Steve. Just back from Spain and Portugal with my new travel jobby...the X-E1 and what a delight overall. It does have certain limitations but oh the joy of travelling light. I think if I update maybe in a year or two the T1 will be the main contender. BTW, the 18-55 performed really well. I`m just starting to process the 3000 or so pics....:eek: Get the X-T1 and enjoy.

13-06-2014, 12:18pm
Just adding a little to what everyone's said. Fujifilm plays in a fairly niche area targeting mainly enthusiasts, particularly with this model so volumes are bound to be low. This is no mass market camera and most enthusiasts probably already own a camera or two so you're probably looking at switchers, second system buyers or upgraders (who aren't too invested in their current system).
But there's bound to be internet hype (deservedly so) due to the fact that its a great product and most reviewers are likely at least of an advance enthusiast nature.
Also, users tender to gather where there're greater numbers so that common things can be discussed. I think you might find there may be lurkers or non-active users who may be using this model but just waiting for someone to speak up so they can join in the conversation. I remember when I was one of the few Fuji S5 users here from way back.

Re: EVF improvements. Any improvements are welcomed but not at the expense of battery life which is already more limited on mirrorless cameras.
Any ergonomic improvements are welcomed but it could have been a non/forgotten-issue to begin with for many.
I think the light leaks were largely non-issues just like the 'light leaks' on the Sony A7.

15-06-2014, 10:33pm
Hi Steve,
I haven't got the Fuji X-T1 but have been looking at it very closely. I submit photos to Alamy.com and there are quite a few threads from X-T1 owners on their forum. They all state how happy they are with the camera - razor sharp, good in low light, good selection of lenses are some of the comments. One quote is "Once you use the X-T1 your very good X-E1 will feel Sub-Par by comparison". The prime lenses in particular were sharp corner to corner, especially the XF 56mm (1.2).
They also mentioned that processing has been done in Photoshop CC.
As I said I haven't actually got the camera but I will be seriously considering it when or if the time comes to replace my current setup.
Hope this helps - I'll be very interested in hearing your opinions if you go ahead with your purchase.

16-06-2014, 11:55am
I've been using my Fuji XT1 for a couple of weeks with the Fujinon 23 mm f1.4 lens. I sold my Fuji X100 and held on for now my Canon 5D Mark II.

There are so many great reviews online for the camera, best one that talks about the cameras general limitations would be http://www.danielkcheung.com/review/omd-em1-vs-xt1-for-wedding-photography

I'm truly impressed with the colour rendition, EVF and the sharpness of the lens I'm currently using. My next lens purchase will be definitely the Fujinon 56 mm f1.2. A lot of the photography shops that I have went to in Sydney, have very low to no stock on hand for the Fuji XT1 when I made my purchase.

After a long break from regular photography, this camera has reignited my passion. I'm using Photoshop CC for post processing.

Anne Sh
17-06-2014, 6:05pm
I have an XT-1 and have had since March. It was so new at the time that I had difficulty processing the RAW files. I also have a Canon 5D111 but due to a shoulder injury had to look for a practical lighter solution.....and I love it. I have the 18-55 and the 55-200 lens. I originally had the XM-1 and liked that too but found the lack of view finder really hard to get my composition correct....lots of photos off centre etc. I originally had the 16-55 lens but up grades to the better lens.

The reasons I like the XT-1 so much is that I feel free when I go out to take photos. People don't find it as threatening as the bigger cameras...it has so many features. The image quality seems fantastic but I haven't printed any as yet.

18-06-2014, 3:26pm
I've also had an X-T1 since March. I original purchased it with the 1.4 35mm and since got the cheaper XC 50-230mm for some reach (plan on getting the 50-140 2.8 when it's out), and more recently added the Zeiss 12mm 2.8 to the collection.

I'm fairly new to photography but original went shopping with the big two in mind (Canon/Nikon) but the more I researched the more chatter there was about other brands and systems so looked further afield and the X-T1 is where I ended up.

My comparisons are based on previous use of other peoples SLR's (Canon APSC models, 50D's etc) while obviously older models I can say in comparison I'm happy with the X-T1. The EVF is great, not only for shooting but reviewing, I watch friends and also remember shadowing over the rear screen on SLRs trying to review a shot, forget all that with the X-T1, I hardly ever use the rear LCD as the EVF is so much better in brightness (doesn't matter if you're in full sun) and in the size of view. (I remember reading somewhere the actual view size is about on par with whatever the largest any top end SLR has).

I do large and grandformat printing for work and have printed a couple of things off at around 900mm wide they've come up really well.

A few Flickr albums that might give you an idea of the X-T1 I would say in the hands of relative in-experience. Some of the pics have been posted on here previously
All processed using ACR 8.4 and Photoshop, I don't have too much issues with the X-Trans but do avoid sharpening in ACR, either leave it low or do it after using a Action Set in Photoshop.
All EXIF & Lens data should show up for each shot.


Some action shots:

At night:

08-08-2014, 4:28pm
Another XT1 owner here. I sold my k3 to switch to Fuji. The lens system,great primes and reduced size are what made me switch.. Also, Fuji are very active and appear to respond to what their customers are requesting. I currently have the 23mm which is amazing.. Many of the lens I'm after are yet to be released I.e 18-55 2.8, 90mm f2 and the 100-400. Next on my shopping list are the 14mm and 56mm..

As for processing xtrans raws, Lightroom is pretty good but you need to modify how you do your sharpening compared to Bayer sensor images. I use LightZone (free) to do the sharpening as the detail is pulls out is amazing.. LR no matter how much you tweak does not get close... Photo ninja and irident are also great. I'm also reading good reports about rawtherapee too. If you don't do much in the way of nature shooting I.e foliage and pixel peeping and or cropping you are unlikely to notice the difference between LR and the others..

I can't wait for the XT2 .. Whilst the XT1 is great there are still some improvements on its current features I would like to see which I'm sure will be in the next version. Nothing that I can't achieve with the XT1 but nice to haves..

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