View Full Version : K3 Mirror Flap

14-05-2014, 2:25pm
My K3 suffered severe mirror flap on Sunday.

I hadn't really been aware of this problem until I did a search on it. It's not an isolated problem.

Hopefully Ricoh will address this issue and offer a solution.

Only previous gripe was a total camera freeze which required the batteries removed and re-inserted.

Best regards

14-05-2014, 7:05pm
Mine is fine, have you got the latest firmware?
CR Kennedy are very good re: warranty, report the issue ASAP

20-05-2014, 8:11pm
Hi Kym,

It's happening quite a lot if you look at the other Pentax forums. Even with the latest firmware. I've used it since and no issues. What bothers me is it's the second event, the first being a total freeze. That unfortunately happened on an important shoot. I will email CR Kennedy just to let them know. I've a feeling that they are aware of the issue but if Ricoh have no fix yet then CRK can't be expected to do much.

Best regards

20-05-2014, 8:16pm
Reporting it as an intermittent means if you have an issue after warranty you can get it fixed